I Am a Wanna Be

I Am a Wanna Be

by Lisa

Hello all. I am Lisa. I am 43 and seperated. Soon my 19 yr old will be leaving the roost and I can start to pursue my dream. I want to travel with someone male or female that wants a travel buddy. I might have my kitty or another pet when the time comes for me to up and leave. I am the mother of 3 and grandmother of 3.5. I work as an avon rep and would like to start finding online clients to be able to get the online business going.


I also like to buy cross-stitch kits when i can and do them, sometimes i take a while doing them cause cross-stitch can be complicating. I am considering just putting little designs on shirts, and jeans and babystuff, dishtowel and even pot holders at some time but right now I do the larger pictures and even sell them unframed for about $20 a piece. I want to learn how to be a work camper and get to go see and do things I haven't been able to do. I love to sit and read your stories about living on the road and would love to at least e-pal with full-timers single or with someone so I can learn more. i am also looking to learn the different employment options for while on the road.

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Oct 29, 2011
by: Roxanne

Hi Lisa,

My wife and I began fulltiming a year and a half ago, and the first year was in our driveway. We wanted to get a sense of what we needed and what worked for us, with a safety cushion of the house if we needed it!

If you're interested in our general nonsense, come over to our blog:


We are always gathering information that might help other fulltimers, and some of it might give you ideas. I don't invent the info - lots of veteran RVers before us have done that - we just try to compile it. So, check it out and see if any of it inspires you.


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