How to Turn A/C On - 2001 Alpha Gold

How to Turn A/C On - 2001 Alpha Gold

Can not seem to get the a.c. to work on this unit, have tried every thing that i can think off?

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Sep 12, 2014
by: Anonymous

I know nothing specific about the RV in question which would prevent the A/C from working. You know, of course, that your RV must be connected to a 30 amp AC electric source (or the generator, if installed, must be running and power to the rig enabled) for your air to work.

With that established, using a volt meter, establish the presence of power at the circuit breaker to the A/C in the breaker panel on the output side of the breaker.

If there is a Double Pole, Single Throw (DPST) switch near the microwave labeled or known to switch between the MW and the A/C, turn it to the A/C side and once again ascertain the presence of juice on the A/C output side of the switch.

Next, to the A/C on roof, cover off, check the incoming connection to the A/C. Got juice? Good -- turn it off (unplug or disconnect the hot side of the circuit).

Gently, turn the squirrel cage fan to make sure it turns freely. Everything turns over smoothly? Great - power back on, thermostat turned on (switch on bottom or side) correct zone deployed, correct mode (cooling), temperature set to cooler than the ambient air temp, and Voila! -- nothing happens?

Make sure there is an electrical demand from the thermostat at the air conditioner connection, again using your voltmeter. Next check for presence of power at motor start capacitor? No power means the capacitor or motor bad. Beyond this discussion...

If all of the above is just so much gobbledy-gook or flat out scares you, take the rig to a qualified RV service center and have them check it out, or, better yet, hire a mobile RV service tech, offer to pay double his labor rate to watch and question along the way, and have them take you through each of these steps until you understand what is being done and why.

WARNING: Working on live AC electric circuits requires knowing how to be safe -- not for the inexperienced. Above all, do not exceed your real-world experience levels with live circuits and BE SAFE.

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