How to Register in a State

How to Register in a State

by Joel
(Fort Collins, Colorado)

We want to sell our current house, buy an RV, and travel for awhile. For insurance purposes, I would like to register in a different state, either Kansas or Missouri. If I have no designated address (not planning to buy or rent any property for now), how do I become a resident of either of those 2 states? Thanks.

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May 15, 2010
The Point of Making Yourself a Gypsy
by: Anonymous

Deliberately "homeless" is to not be physically tied to one place, to have an address.

Sure, there are ways of scamming this by using the address of a re-mailer or a friend or relative or some other method to get around the fact that you do not really have a set physical abode.

But then the point of selling your home and cutting those ties is so you can become a full-timer on the road, seeing America, without having the expense and problem of maintaining a home base that you do not often return to.

I guess things being the way they are you just have to figure out a way to play the game.

May 14, 2010
by: Anonymous

How do the homeless get to vote? Essentially if you sell your house and go on the road, you are "homeless", so how do the homeless register? I am curious about this answer as well. We are nearing retirement and would like to take to the open road.

Apr 29, 2010
I've always wondered about this too,
by: elocs

and have never seen a satisfactory answer that can be easily accomplished. There must be thousands of full timing gypsies out on the road now without any permanent address, no physical home.

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