How to Camp in your RV with Style & Sophistication

How to Camp in your RV with Style & Sophistication

by Anne

Traveling in an RV brings you the best the open road has to offer. It also gives those who abhor sleeping in tents a way to experience the great outdoors without the need to “rough it.” An RV can be the quintessential example of luxury travel on wheels by adding some bells and whistles.

Types of RVs

In a traveling home, storage space is limited, so the first step in tricking out your RV is to thoroughly consider how much space you have to dedicate to extra luxuries. The following is a look at different types of RVs and some basic information on their storage capacities. (If you feel like you just don’t have enough room for the items you want to bring, don’t worry – a hitch-mounted cargo carrier can help increase your vehicle’s storage capacity.)

Class A: As the largest of the motorhomes, Class A RVs are similar to buses since there is no distinction between the vehicle’s cabin and the driving compartment. Sizes run 21-40 feet in length and the vehicle can have one or more sections that slide out to expand the interior space.

Class B: Also called camper vans, Class B RVs are tall, oversized vans that range from 16-21 feet. Most Class B models have a kitchen and restroom, and some have showers.

Class C: One of the more popular motorhome options, Class C RVs are mid-sized vehicles with a distinct driving compartment and a cabin that extends over the cab. Like Class A RVs, these models can have one or more slide-out compartments that create more room within the cabin area.

Fifth Wheel RVs: As travel trailers that require towing, hitch-mounted RVs range from 21-40 feet. Smaller versions range from 21-35 feet. These have slide-out options to increase cabin space and can come with many of the amenities of a Class A RV.

How to Add Style and Sophistication to Your RV

Dress up the interior. The standard RV comes with laminates that mimic the look of wood; harsh white walls; and upholstery with prints that are less than stylish. Soften the look with lush upholstery that reminds you of the comforts of home. Opt for cushion vinyl floors that mimic the look of stone tiles, laminate wood flooring, or an elegant area rug.

Use matching linens in the bathroom and comfy blankets and pillows on the bed. Add pillows and throws to the couches and recliners. Replace the cabinet doors with cherry or another wood you like. Then add softness and privacy with understated curtains. Luxury RV designers sometimes add a curtain in the bedroom area to conceal storage behind or on the sides of the bed.

Add light. Add sconces or wall bracket lamps at the ends of couches and the dining table for an extra touch of elegance. Several lamps come with LED bulbs that are battery powered, so you don’t have to worry about wiring them into the RV. Add bedside reading lamps and install under-cabinet lights in the kitchen area. To create some mood lighting, use battery-operated flameless candles – they look like the real thing, minus the fire hazard.

Eliminate clutter. It’s easy for little items to take up precious space in an RV. Use a hitch-mounted cargo carrier for nonessential or backup items, like the jumbo pack of toilet paper, briquettes and firewood.

Replace faux with real. When you travel, it’s simple to navigate toward disposable items. Instead, opt for elegant yet sturdy flatware, dishes, bowls, stemware and cloth napkins. In addition to giving your RV a luxury look, you’ll save money.

Dress up your meals. Meals on the road can involve more than hot dogs and canned chili. Simple, classy foods you can prepare in an RV include tortilla wraps, potato salads, biscuits and pancakes. Invest in a Dutch oven and make baked goods like skillet lasagna, casseroles, enchiladas, cinnamon rolls and coffee cakes.

It’s not hard to turn your RV into a glamper’s dream. With a few adjustments and creativity, you can translate home luxury into stylish travel.

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