How to Build a Portable RV Storage

How to Build a Portable RV Storage

by Chad Peterson
(Virginia, USA)

What a portable RV storage will allow you to do is store your vehicle, your RV or you can set it up as something else entirely.

The main thing to focus on is that it should be portable and it should be easy to pack it up and get moving. We will discuss some of the essential tips and what to do while building your portable RV storage shelter.

Picking Your Material

Do not cheap out on the material, because if you have a RV, you are more than likely not on a modest budget. Some of the material you can get is more expensive for a very good reason. You want material that will not blow away in the event of a storm and will not collapse in the event of harsh and heavy weather. The cheaper the material you buy, the more likely you are to have those things happen to you (if you happen to be trapped in a bad storm while parked in your storage shelter).

Determining the Height

What you are going to want to do is make sure that once it is fully constructed, it will be high enough to allow a RV to park in it. Double taking measurements are never a bad idea and it is something you should always do no matter what you are building.

Measure the size of your RV to determine how long and how tall of a storage shelter you might possibly need. Then you are going to measure the height of your largest item that you want to store in the shelter and try to add at least 5 feet onto that so there is plenty of room and you are not going to hit the top of the shelter.

Choosing the Roofing

Here, you are going to want to choose a roof that not only keeps harsh weather out but also does not leak, does not rip easily and is very durable. There's actually a lot of cheap materials that are very durable and won't break under pressure, you also don't want the material to be too hard or tough because that would make it a nightmare to fold it back up and to get it back to being portable.

So, make sure your roofing is not only fits your budget but also does not have any holes, leaks and is susceptible to high winds or damaging weather. You do not want your shelter blowing away during a wild windstorm.

What Do You Plan To Store In It?

Some people use them for RVs and some people use them for trucks and cars. However, some people use them to set up labs, set up gardening stations or a wide variety of other things that you can do with a shelter. Determining how large and how much you will need to spend on a shelter might be determined by exactly what you plan on doing with it.

We are going to assume you plan on utilizing a shelter to park your RV in during bad weather or just to park it when not in use, which means you might pay just a tad more because of the size factor, depending on the size of your RV.

Author Bio: Chad Peterson works for Roof company that specializes in roof repair.

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Jul 21, 2016
by: Terry

I thought the whole point of Full Timing RVer, was the fact that I plan on living in my RV. Period. I therefore have no intention of having to design and build storage for that RV.
Where the heck would I live if I store the home I live in??? Maybe the old Red Neck from Texas isn't thinking right. Someone explain it to me???

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