How can you maintain secure internet on the road?

How can you maintain secure internet on the road?

by Colleen

How do you find secure internet connections while on the road, for you to do internet banking, pay bills, handle bank accounts,etc?

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May 14, 2010
Internet Access
by: wil

I failed to mention that I have an HTC smartphone from Verizon Wireless that I use, with data plan (5GB per month when used as a modem but unlimited for the phone)for about $70/month as a fourth line on my son's national family plan. Then I use a program called "PDANet" from the unlikely sounding "". It allows me to use my notebook, tethered to the HTC as if it were a modem. It isn't DSL, but it works great, Verizon sees it as my smartphone and, if you don't get greedy, none the wiser. An alternative if you both would like to simultaneously use your laptops would be to acquire Verizon's MiFi 2200. Alternatively, consider HughesNet Satellite data Service ( if you will be boondocking outside of ATT or Verizon's data service coverage area(s).

There are a lot of options out there. None are perfect. Expect to experiment over a couple of years as to what meets YOUR needs. Who knows, in a couple of years there may be better, faster options to consider. If you prefer to stay at full service (E/W/S/CTV) campgrounds, investing in an external WIFI antenna (mount it on your TV antenna so you can aim it) and amplifier should allow you to utilize the campground's wireless broadband system regardless of where your park in the campground.

Have fun.

May 10, 2010
Secure Banking
by: wil

Life is full of risk, but that hasn't kept you from living, has it? First thing, find a national or regional bank which offers you the services you want for free or at a very low cost. Second, always work behind a firewall on your computer and be sure you have locked all of the ports you don't need (check the documentation)... Use anti-virus, anti-spyware and anti-malware software. Third, select a password cipher at the bank for access to your account that is not easily guessable, is at least a dozen characters long and that is at least a third numerals. No phone numbers, dates of birth or other significant, easily researched dates, no drivers license of social security number. Something of significance to your memory only. Keep it secure, share it only with a spouse. Do NOT write it down. If you suspect a problem, notify your bank by telephone and in writing, immediately. Use a debit credit card from a second bank and transfer funds to the backing account in only one direction -- into the account.

Then again, you are already doing all those things in your daily life anyway, so it really won't necessitate any changes. Good on you, mate!

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