Hope I Can!

Hope I Can!

by Don Alex
(Strauburg, VA)

I live on SSI/disabled at $1250.00 a month. Being a newbie at full time RVing, can I get it done or is it a pipe dream for me. Yes, I'm doing my home work and reading a lot on the internet, but still can't get a y/n ides on the money handle. Help, need to go... Don

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Nov 05, 2014
Not a Problem
by: Anonymous

You have choices-a lot of them. There are mobile home parks you can live in monthly and easily in most states (works well for 6 months at a time). They range anywhere from $175 a month to $250 for average ones.

You have the choice to become a camp host (something my husband and I have really enjoyed in the past). They are needed for 6 months at a time in most parks; you can have your stay free with some responsibilities that were always enjoyable to us (minus the am bathroom cleaning [smile]).

How you want to live is a life-style choice. We have met many rver's with different ranks in reasons as well as resources. My husband and I did this because we have a true love of nature, die hard campers and were so tired of useless costs.

We don't use a lot in electric, and mostly use showers, etc with other campers (if not at a facility such as this then are very frugal on our own usage). If you are in a camper then you are not going to be piling up clothes, furniture and other normal daily living accessories.

We cook as much as possible on our grill or fire-cost-$0). When not using electric (done for weeks at a time) we get a cooler, sandwiches and weenies over a fire. To us, this is heaven.

We wash by hand for small things and a load a week at a local laundry. We keep up our insurance for vehicles and actually I think it can be our largest cost. We have limited resources but a little under what you receive and actually find we have no problems even putting some aside.

We are a little less frugal around the holidays and use what we saved for that (lights, and extra electric for the dinners, etc) but it doesn't really go so high. Some people would be appalled at our minimalism and we have met many others whom are at around the same with how they live.

Hope it helped you; one thing for sure-it's like living in a house or apt-you can have a higher cost lifestyle or a more economic one. It's all what can make you happy.

Jan 08, 2013
You can do it
by: Anonymous

If your camper/tow vehicle are paid for, you can probably get by on your income. Do you have a Senior Pass for people over 62; it lets you get into National Parks for free, and camping fees are 50% off at the National Parks and Corps of Engineer campgrounds. Camping on Public Lands is free (no hookups), also at many Walmarts, Flying J Truckstops, some rest areas, and many Casinos. This will reduce your nightly fees to anywhere from zero to $12 a night.
If you stay at one location for longer periods, and do less driving, you can save money on fuel. If you cook almost all your meals and don't eat at restaurants, buy your clothing at Goodwill stores, and go to mostly free attractions, that will free up money to pay insurance, vehicle maintenance, mail forwarding, and other expenses.
Check websites on full time RVing, low cost or free camping, and info on National Parks and the senior pass, Corp of Engineers camping, and Casino camping. There are many full time campers who are living on less than what you have to spend.
Joan K.

Jun 18, 2012
Hope You Can, Too!
by: Cowgirl Kathi


Your question is difficult to address without knowing some details. If you own your truck and trailer outright (no loan) then your SSI income would just have to cover your regular living expenses (food, clothing, medical insurance and the cost of propane and anything else you need to run your "house on wheels") and, depending on how "mobile" you want to be, the cost of gas and campground rent. Of course, you also need to figure in the cost of possible repairs to your rig.

I would suggest working out a budget using the numbers you know and the numbers you aren't sure of. If you can't "balance" the budget, then you probably can't afford to do this. Good luck to you either way.


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