'Homeless' by Choice

'Homeless' by Choice

by Mary
(Gettysburg, PA)

The 'House' in Gettysburg, PA

The 'House' in Gettysburg, PA

After traveling across the United States last year on a road trip that began in Jackson Springs North Carolina, we are glad to be home. Our trip extended the width of the country to California and then back again ending finally in Gettysburg Pennsylvania. Gettysburg is where we call 'Home' but literally home is where we park it. We had the opportunity to visit many RV Parks and campgrounds across the country. Many were fancy RV Parks with large level sites and full hook ups however, just as many, maybe more were smaller mom and pop campgrounds with minimal amenities. Somehow the small campgrounds were big on personality so those were the ones we enjoyed the most. Friendly smiles and much conversation emanated from the smaller campgrounds while the larger RV Parks, although they were easily accessible and excelled in being larger than life , they seemed to lack the warmth and welcome of their quaint and significantly smaller counterparts.

We visited National Parks along the way and a plethora of waterfalls. Wild animals were plentiful and the contrast between the desert of Arizona and lush farmland of Idaho was a visual treat. The mountains were breathtaking and a day trip that started out in shorts and a t-shirt ended at the top of the world in knee deep snow. How blessed we are to have the freedom in our country to travel from state to state and experience each one in our own time on our own terms. It makes us proud to be Americans.

We rolled out the first week in April and returned to Pennsylvania the first week in September. There is so much to see and there was too little time to see it in the five short months we allotted ourselves for that trip. Living in our motorhome allows us the freedom to travel to and fro whenever we take a notion to. We are 'homeless' by choice as we describe our lifestyle. No mortgage payments or electric bills... If we get tired of our view out the front window we simply roll the house to another place.

Arriving home in Gettysburg was comforting. Familiar faces, familiar surroundings. A place where we can sit around a campfire, sip wine from a winery purchased hundreds of miles away. Chat about our adventures and hear about theirs...this is 'home'. Not a house built with sticks and bricks but a place where friends gather, children play, the rains come and the sun shines again. Our home is where we park it.

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Jul 21, 2011
I can't wait !!
by: Gloria

Thank you for your wonderful story - we are in the process of downsizing to take off in our home on wheels. I'm not sure how to plan where we are going - I need to research a little more on where to go and how to get there - do we stay in a park for a few months or keep moving - so many questions?? But my husband and I are excited and scared at the same time !! Love hearing all these wonderful stories !

Mar 23, 2011
By Choice
by: Anonymous

I LOVE your story! Because I too am a "fulltimer" and can totally understand and agree with your way of life. It is wonderful to have home wherever I am. And to be able to go at a moments whim to new vistas, enjoying all that there is to enjoy. I am still working and grateful that I have a career I love, in addition to living the lifestyle that works for me. Genome

Mar 22, 2011
By Choice
by: Julia

What a Great Story. I love RVing, it is such an easy "Clean-Up". Organization is a must (smiles).

Enjoy your lives!

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