Holiday Decorating Your RV

Holiday Decorating Your RV

by Fulltime Rv'ing
(Simi Valley, CA)

Airstream Halloween Lights

Airstream Halloween Lights

Airstream Halloween Lights
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Holiday Decorated RV
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So, you have packed up all of your belongings and kept only what you really, really need. After all, storage space is at a premium in an RV and when you are living there year ‘round, you want it to be cozy and comfortable, not cramped and cluttered. You may have put some stuff in storage, with family that you drop by to see during your travels or in a professional storage unit that you maintain. You may have just sold off, traded off and given away everything you absolutely did not need. But in the middle of all of that, did you stop to think about the holiday season at all?

Sure, you pick up an item here and there for holiday gifts, dropping them off as you visit this family member or that friend, but what about the decorations that make the seasons so much fun? Can you really live all the rest of your life in your new, completely unrooted home and never put up a single Christmas bulb or jack o’lantern? If you want to decorate in your RV, you can, it is just on a smaller and less expensive scale than you might be used to.

RV Halloween: Happy Hallowheels!

Around August in most locations, stores start putting out the Halloween decorations and assorted candies. If the place is big enough, they have several aisles dedicated to Halloween and then the next aisle over is Thanksgiving and then the beginning of Christmas starts creeping in. If you want to have a few Halloween decorations, you can. First, you can use the battery operated, lighted decorations that stick to the windows or little window clings, being careful not to put them where they will obstruct your view. Next, you can buy and carve pumpkins, keeping in mind that the closer to Halloween you buy them, the lower their cost might be. When the holiday comes and goes, you can take the pumpkin to a local farmer, who will use them for animal feed or composting and there are some cities that have pumpkin plops for charity that would be thrilled to have your pumpkin.

RV Thanksgiving: Over the River and Through the Woods

When you are heading to his mother’s or your Aunt Beth’s house for the feast of all feasts, you might feel a little more festive if you are looking the part. A few bits of orange, yellow and brown here and there will make you feel a little more cheery. Adding a three D decoration of a “smashed” turkey to the front of the RV is also an amusing touch and a great way to get conversation started.

RV Christmas: Ho, Ho, On the Go

For many people, the really big holiday is Christmas. Even if you are going to be at a dozen people’s homes and around all of their decorations, there are times when you just want a few things that are just yours. If you really do not want to lug a small box of decorations around with you, leave just the bare essentials with one family member at the end of the year and pick them up first in your travels this year or buy a few things, display them and then give them away as part of your gifts when you arrive.

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Oct 30, 2010
Tree Size in Container
by: IMP

Love your ideas. Trees & plants usually only grow as large as their container size. Smaller container = shorter tree.

Oct 29, 2010
Holiday Decorating Halloween and Christmas
by: Kim

I will be solo with a dog and two cats when I get my class c. The perfect space for my Halloween collectibles is above the cab are. I have wonderful items since it is my favorite holiday. I have beautiful cat furniture and am going to use breakfast tables since they would be the right size for my cat room, which I use as an excuse to display my Halloween collectibles year round. I have recently planted a leyland cypress in a pot to take with me, hoping to keep it below 6 feet, it can get light thru the wind shield. Wanting to stay true to the camping experience, my planned decor for the tree will be fishing lures with the sharp parts removed, dad even going to give me some of his very old ones. Also I want to take stale marshmallows and insert sticks in them , but I have to shellac or something to keep the smell down because of the dog..who knows what else I will add, but I want it to stay true to my vision of the camping life. Right now, around the tree, I have healthy moss around the bottom with a bear figurine drinking coffee at a camp fire. A Problem is that leyland cypress can get 50 feet tall and I am having a hard time finding out how to keep it small.

Oct 29, 2010
Other Halloween Suggestions
by: Julia

I really like the idea of the seasonal flags, then there are those flat pumpkins or Christmas bells that open up and form the full round pumpkin and the full bell, then folds up and packs in a drawer for next holiday seasons. You know, we make do with what we have so as not to clutter our small homes.

Oct 29, 2010

I've noticed that many people carry small flags with them. Don't take up much space and you can change the flag for the holiday or season. Those crafty people could even make their own flags which I'm going to do. Fits in perfectly with the garden theme of the patio and awning.

We hang a fluorescent shop light to the awning to light up our patio at night. Think I'll put an orange cover over it for Halloween.

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