Hitting the Web Before Hitting the Road

Before you load up your RV, whether it is for a week-long vacation trip or your yearly cross country trek, there are several things you need to do. You know that you need to check the RV from top to bottom, front to back, looking at the mechanical systems, the electrical systems and the tires. You need to make sure that your emergency supplies are in place. You need to make sure that you are taking care of everything in your home and you need to do one more thing: before you get on the road, you need to check out the web.

Search the WebLogging onto the computer before you leave is a good idea. You need to look for several things before you even back out of the driveway. Here are the things you will be researching on the internet before your trip begins and continually during it.

First, you will be looking for your route. If you know where you are going, then map it out directly throwing in several alternative routes while you are at it. Part of the fun of traveling via RV is the ability to just go where you want to go without having to be stuck to a single itinerary. If you want to go on a side trip to see Aunt Madge or you want to go to the newspaper museum, you can do so. Mapping your route will allow you to figure out rest stops, gas breaks and other important needs while also showing you the options for the interesting little side trips that make it so much fun.

While you are mapping out your route, you should also look at road construction and closures so that you can find new ways to get around these trouble spots.

Second, you can look at the events that are going to be happening in the areas where you will be heading. You can enter your dates into the computer as well as the locations that you plan to be in at the time and see what comes up. Any event that seems to be interesting to you can be added into your new route.

Third, you should also look at the weather reports and predictions for the areas that you are traveling to. If you know that you want to visit your cousin Tina in Florida, you will know not to go during the height of hurricane season.

Finally, logging onto the web before and during trips can keep you connected with friends, family and fellow RV-ers, who can alert you to special, impromptu events or warn you about troubles that are related to the RV life. If there is a highway where bad things are happening to families in RV or other vehicles, then it might be wise to steer clear of it. Being prepared can keep you safe and make sure that every day on the open road is a good day.