Hillbillies On the Road

Hillbillies On the Road

by Harold
(Potomac, Il)

A few years back, the wife and I, plus 8 kids drove 7000 miles in three weeks. The kids will never forget it, especially the mishaps, the goof ups, the fishing and camping.. we had a serpentine belt come off in panhandle of Texas, we actually camped right on old route 66, as the 911 advised us not to pull off the side, and there was very little traffic. They found us a mechanic also and were super people. Then to Carlsbad Caverns where we had to leave the caverns because of lightning, so we camped in nearby (well not real close nearby). That night our canopy was blown off in a horrific wind, that is when I realized why all the other campers put their awnings up at night, the cowling got into the fan blade while at grand canyon... so we traveled at night. I should have fixed it right then an there. We saw Vegas lights, then headed across the desert with the hood bungee'd up, I swear we were the Beverly Hillbilly's in disguise. Made it to my brothers place in northern California, and got motorhome back up to shape.

Fished for trout near my brothers, and headed out to Yellowstone, Mount Rushmore and other super places. The rack on back of motor home that fits in hitch receiver broke in Iowa, and with the sparks from scraping highway, we thought the rig was on fire. Looked like Craig Breedlove's "Spirit of America" with all the sparks. We made it home, and enjoyed the motorhome for several local camping expeditions. We plan on selling our house, and the wife and I striking out on our own...with a newer motorhome.

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Jan 18, 2011
by: Julia

I loved all the comments with the story. These are great articles.

Jan 18, 2011
"My Own Bucket List"
by: harold

Ever since I saw the movie "Bucket List",,,I have derived one in my own mind..just a few..
The England States
The Painted Desert
Glacier National Park
The Gulf of Mexico (been to Caribbean)
The Black Hills...(been by them but did not get to stop and enjoy) and many more,,,

Everyone should have a bucket list,, be they 20 or a 101 of age...whether in their mind or written, it matters not.

Jan 18, 2011
Great Story
by: Rick

That is a great story and Im sure an adventure the kids will never forget!.

You definitely hit the true feeling of Rv'ing, there may be mishaps, breakdowns, accidents but you will have those in your stick house too! and this way its a new adventure and memory while your at it!.. thank you for sharing.

Jan 18, 2011
Love it
by: Terri

What a great story...we did practically the same thing back in '02....had an awesome time without the mishaps...but you still sound like you loved every minute of it...my husband has a brain injury now...but we are still going to try to RV as much as possible...I don't want him to miss out on anything...have fun you guys... :)

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