Gypsy Traveler update cont 5

Gypsy Traveler update cont 5

by Anita

Once I had to explained to the whole crazy story to Brian he was able to set the record straight. The fact is that yes, my Tioga was built on a Ford Econline 350 chassis, but that was only for the engine and truck part of the equation. Once Fleetwood got the chassis, the cut the top off and build the motor home, so NO, it was “not equipped” with the over the shoulder seat belt harness for the over the shoulder belt.

I asked if there was anything he could email or fax to me to prove this to the fine folks in law enforcement of the state of Iowa, who by this time had gotten the DOT involved in the situation. He said yes he would get it out right away. I waited near the fax machine like a child on Christmas waits for Santa Claus.

Finally, the next morning I could again attempt getting all this removed from my license and get rid of that nasty warning. The Captain now had us on a 3 way conference call with the DOT, and the state house in Des Moines, IA. We were finally going to get this taken care of once and for all.

I faxed my new paperwork to all parties concerned as we discussed it on the phone and everyone was finally in agreement. My RV WAS NOT EQUIPPED WITH OVER THE SHOULDER SEAT BELTS!!! The captain told me that the officer had no right to enter my vehicle since it was also my home and all parties apologized profusely to me for the unacceptable behavior of the officer.

All warnings and the equipment blemish would be removed immediately from my license plate and driver’s license. Would I please accept an apology on behalf of the state of Iowa?

I went back to the campground and decided to take a five hour or so nap for I had not slept hardly a wink the previous two nights and check out was not until 5pm. I did just that I slept. I woke up to the sound of the alarm I had set to make sure I was up and ready to go by check out time.

I had only connected the electric so getting ready to leave was a breeze. I went and took a shower so I could make it a few days boondocking and I gladly turned the key in the ignition and departed with a sigh of relief at leaving there. I made sure before I pulled out that I had the papers from Brian at Fleetwood nearby so if I was ever stopped again for this I would be able to defend myself immediately and never have to endure this suffering again.

On the road again, back on the road again as I said I drove into the wee hours of the morning to escape Iowa and get into South Dakota where I was sure adventure and fun awaited me.

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