Gypsy Traveler update cont 4

Gypsy Traveler update cont 4

by Anita

The officer, whom at this time I was calling some of those names I spoke if earlier; must have thought I was not going to take the exit,. He proved this by coming up along side of me and flashing his red and blue lights again, honking his horn and motioning for me to exit. So reluctantly I took the exit.

I obediently pulled into the RV shop and got out and went to inquire if I could speak to a mechanic and get some advice on how to go about getting this mess straightened out. What it would cost for them to make the necessary changes required to be proper and legal and could they get to it today.

The mechanic came out and took a look and listened while I explained and showed him the nasty paper the officer had given me. He began to chuckle and then laugh boldly and said: “He’s nuts”, ‘these vehicles are not supposed to have these, there is no way we can put something where there is no place to put it.”

I looked at him both astonished and relieved; surely I could talk to the state police post and get this matter cleared up. I asked him to put that in writing for me and he agreed and we headed into the office.

There was a big semi repair place across the way whose sign also included RV repairs so after I got the paper from the RV place I also went to the other repair place for I believed that two papers would be better than one. Tony the owner was the one who greeted me, and I explained my dilemma.

He came out and looked at the RV and again I heard the words: “you can’t put something where there is nowhere to put it and it’s not designed that way, is this guy an idiot?” Funny thing was this Tony guy explained that he was a retired state police officer and just happened to have the Captain of the state police post just up the roads phone number on speed dial so he said let me make a call.

Cool I thought maybe we can get this whole thing settled and I can be on my way again in the morning for it was fast getting to that time of day to find my “spot” for the night. Tony returned and began to tell me what I needed to do and how to get to the Post and who I needed to talk to and so on and so forth.

I left feeling as if I had accomplished getting the tools to get this whole thing resolved. I figured I could go find the campground and get a nights rest and handle the details in the morning.

The campground was in the back of a golf course of all things, but was nice, had all the hook-ups, hot showers, everything but good phone reception and the price was only fifteen dollars a night and check out time was 5pm.

Great I could get all of it done tomorrow and leave out in the evening, although I did not like to drive at night once this was taken care of, I was hell bent on getting out of Iowa as soon as I could possibly manage to do so.

The next two days proved to be even more frustrating than the day before. The harder I tried to get things resolved the worse it got. Back home in Indiana I had acquired a customer service and technical support phone number for my Tioga directly to Fleetwood the manufacturer of Tioga’s. So I decided to give them a call and get it once and for all from the horse’s mouth so to speak the whole truth and nothing but the truth. I briefly explained my situation to the receptionist and she quickly connected me to the right department...

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