Gypsy Traveler update cont 2

Gypsy Traveler update cont 2

by Anita

I was tooling down the road at my usual 55 mph, I had a great mixed music CD playing on my Kenwood system in the RV and singing along minding the road. When all of a sudden I looked in the median and there he was sitting there radar gun in hand, scoping for his next victim of stupidity. I knew I had nothing to worry about except maybe going to slow, for the new speed limit was 75 mph.

I keep on driving and I had made it a habit to check my rear and side mirror views often, when I did so a few miles past where I had seen the police I was about to get the surprise of my life. I saw red and blues flashing in my mirrors and decided that there was somebody he was really after; little did I dream it was me. He kept getting closer and then flashing headlights, honking the horn and just carrying on something terrible.

It was then that I realized it was me, ME! He was after, “ME” he was trying to pull over. Why? What had I done? I wasn’t speeding or driving wreck less, I had just checked all my tail lights and everything at the last fill up, seatbelt was secured, it must be something on the back that was flopping or something, why else was he pulling me over?

I looked ahead on the roadway for a safe place to pull over and slowed to a stop. While I was waiting for him to approach I did the usual, grabbed my purse for my driver’s license, proof of insurance, and all so I would be prepared for his requests. He came up and asked for all those things, I presented them to him and told him I would have to get the auto registration for him, as it was in the drawer in my bedroom area.

I asked why he was stopping me and his reply was “no seatbelt”. I quickly reached down into my lap and showed him that I did have my seat belt on, that I only have a lap belt, not an over the shoulder belt and “see I have it on” was my reply. I had promised my son to wear it always before I left Indiana. His response was surprising … I am sorry but I will need you to get that registration, he informed me that my belt was not going to be sufficient, an over the shoulder belt is all that is accepted, it’s the law.

So I asked him if he wanted to come around to the side door instead of standing out in the traffic and I would open the door and get it for him, he agreed. So I unbuckled the seatbelt I was wearing and swung around so I could enter my home. I politely opened the door to my home and invited him to step inside my humble abode.

I went to retrieve the registration, as he watched my every move; I began to feel like one of those people on the TV show Cops, getting searched for something illegal. He took all my information and returned to his vehicle and I sat down at the table to wait for his return. I really thought once he returned I would be on my way again shortly for the afternoon sun was beginning it’s decent to night fall, once more I would be looking for my “spot” for the night.

Wrong….. He returned asking to see the book on my vehicle, so I fulfilled his request...

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