Gypsy Traveler: My Bucket List Trip

Gypsy Traveler: My Bucket List Trip

by Anita New
(Indianapolis IN USA)

Hi out there!!! I am a single 54 yr old young woman who just became a full time RVer last May 2011. I have been on the road ever since and would not think about going back to being tied down to a house that does not have wheels to go anywhere I take a notion again. I LOVE TRAVELING IN MY RV!!!

I have to say there are times when it is a bit lonesome out here all on my own, but that is when I try to hit a RV Park with lots of other folks around. I spend a lot of time boon docking, which is fine and where you get to see a lot of Nature and Wildlife that was my goal when this all began and what I set out to do, but I still need that "human touch" and conversation every now and then. So if you have ideas for me I would appreciate suggestions.

I am currently in Quartzsite, AZ a place a lot of RVers told me to go see and take in at least once and I am glad I did, but that itch to go on and see more has begun. I had wanted to be to the Pacific coast by now but old man winter delayed me getting there by the end of last year, so now I will begin traveling there this Spring. I want to get there in time to see the Whales migrating in Monterey area and beyond. If there is anyone wanting to go that way and take our time and enjoy getting there look me up. You will never truly know how far you can fly until you spared your wings and drive, is my new motto.

I began my trip in Indianapolis, IN where I lived; from there I crossed Illinois, Iowa, and the turned to the North to South Dakota, all the way across there and on to Wyoming to Yellowstone. I saw many things along the way, Hell's Half Acre, yep I found it, Devil's Tower, The Badlands, and yes of course Sturgis. Black Hills and mountains and valleys and the beginning of nothingness along the way, no doubt I began to wonder if I had done what was the craziest thing I had ever done. I traveled all over the state of Wyoming, through Wind River Canyon and found the best place called Thermopolis with real hot springs and some great people.

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Jan 09, 2017
by: Sunnie

Hi, my name is Sunnie. I am 53 years old and am in the process of making MAJOR changes in my life. I'm selling my house and hitting the road. Like you I am single so there are a lot of things that are different from having a spouse to travel with. I would love to talk with you and gain some insight as to what to expect as a single woman on the road. Any tips insight, advice, warnings lol. My email is sunniejos --at-- Again, I'd love to talk to you about a lot of things. You GO girl!!!!!

Aug 26, 2016
TV Reception
by: Marie

Hello all,
I have been going through all the requirements to be a full time RVer, My husband will not go unless he has good reception any one out there who can advise me to the best reception. We have xfinity cable the best at home. Also what is the best length to have for the majority of the parks. I have read that some RV are to long to stay at some of the parks and the BLM.

Jul 13, 2016
"Full Timer Wanna Be"
by: STEVE in Vermont

Family had a camper when I was a kid, and loved the times spent in our 18' Terry. Today at 55 I am feeling the itch again. I've been really enjoying the progress the tiny house movement is making as I truly believe less is more.

My idea/plan is a 3 year discipline. Paying off my car, and stashing as money in savings as I can. Like I said I'm in Vermont right now, but wish to head West to Northern California to enjoy the later years. I had planned to buy a new travel trailor, 28-29' and live in it in a park setting full time.

I really like the Grey Wolf series, does anyone have what they think is the best one so I can get additional options? Would appreciate any feedback on how you're full time living is going, the ups and downs, the lessons learned. I live in a pretty small apartment right now and want to get smaller. Thanks and happy camping...Steve

Sep 08, 2014
Still traveling
by: Anita

Hey out there Full Timers, I am still traveling After leaving Albuquerque I signed on to be a camp host in a small town in the Colorado Mtns. for the summer this year and have enjoyed meeting the folks and getting some experience doing this thing.

It has been great getting a break form the desert heat for a bit, I have not used my A/C at all this summer. Now this assignment is ending here in Oct and I will be going to South Texas for the winter to camp host there and see what Texas has to offer in adventures.

I am looking to maybe go home to Indiana next summer and spend some time with the kids and my grandson if anyone knows of some camp hosting there let me know.

Still loving the RV living on the road!

Jan 22, 2013
Still Gypsy N Me Traveling the Bucket List
by: Anonymous

Hello out there full timers, I have an update, I am still out here and loving it. I have several places and had some unique experiences since I last wrote on here. I have read your stories from so many wanting to get out there and are holding back.

DO NOT , just get in the RV and drive it will be so rewarding and you will get the jist and start loving it within the first few months and then when you do stop and hold up somewhere you will begin to get the itch again just as I have lately. I stopped in Albuquerque to visit friends and stayed here for the winter and it is not even close to the end of winter and already I am getting the urge to feel the road beneathe my feet again. Any ideas out there of where to go from here that I have not been to yet? Follow me on FB and check out where all I have been in the last 2 years. Anita K New (Crandall) on FB

Jul 08, 2012
Another Idea
by: Joan

I recently traveled with a group of women who belonged to the "RV Women's" group. I am not a member but I had a blast with this group. They were all part of the "solo" women's group segment of the RV Women's chapter in the Midwest. They all have their own camper and meet up in various parts of the country and sometimes caravan together. We recently went to Grand Tetons/Yellowstone with two other solo women and their MHs. You might enjoy checking them out as they have chapter's all over the country and have rally's regularly. It's a way to travel independently but meet up with people and make friends you are likely to encounter again on the road. Good luck.

May 25, 2012
Beginning a New Journey
by: Carmen

Single and fulltime RVing...the journey begins...!

Apr 22, 2012
by: Sherry

Oh good for you, I am selling my home and going full time, have a 5th wheel and a Ram. Heading south in the fall from Ontario. Would love to meet up.

e-mail me at

Apr 18, 2012
You Go Girl!!!
by: Susan

God bless you and keep you safe in all your journeys. You are doing what I have been dreaming of doing. I cant afford a new rig so by next summer I plan on looking for a needle in a hay stack,,,, a little Toyota/spinter motorhome, it will be just me/myself/I and maybe a new baby(puppy). I have always loved camping. When you went thru Illinois you should have traveled south and went to Bald Knob Cross, out SW of Carbondale. A beautiful place to visit, great sunrise service their every Easter. I would love to be an email pal, if you like, my email is

Have a blast girlfriend!!!!

Mar 14, 2012
Join us on our way to Oregon, Washington ans Canada
by: Cat

We are leaving from Santa Cruz Mid June to the first part of July to start our full time rv'ing journey. We will start out by traveling thru northern California, Oregon, waging ton then on into Canada.

Drop a line if you'd like to journey with us at

Good luck to you...happy journeys!

Feb 20, 2012
You are living my dream!
by: Cowgirl Kathi

You are living my dream - one that may become reality pretty soon. I have my 7-acre Maryland farm up for sale and am ITCHING to buy a 5th wheel and take care of the number one item on my bucket list!

My fiance and I just finished a 13-day trip to Florida and points between and while he's not thrilled about MY plan to do the RV thing, he's willing to hang out in this area and wait for me to figure out where I might like to live next.

I would LOVE to hear more about how you got started, what kind of rig you have and how you are doing. email me:



Feb 06, 2012
by: Rich

Hi there,

What a fantastic story. I own a Georgie Boy and would love to think that one day I would be able to go full timing but that would be out of the question living in the UK.

I would love to know where you are now and what your plans are.

Have a great life and God bless.

Keep everyone posted

Cheers Rich

Jan 28, 2012
by: Big John 57

I too wish to hit the road but have a few more years at the job before I can do so. My wife and I camp for a week or so mostly on the east coast.

Glad to read you were able to get out there and get started. May God bless you and keep you safe, be careful soon you will be on the west coast. I have never been to Calif. but one day I will. Hope to meet you at a campground one day.

Jan 28, 2012
Full Timing
by: Anonymous

Good luck with your new life style It is awesome!!

Mike and Dee

Jan 27, 2012
Congrats on your decision!
by: Camper4Lifex2

God Bless and keep you safe. Would love to be able to meet you, but for now the hubby and I are still 'stranded' in a TT in NC... one that we would not care to pull. We are diligently searching and saving for a motorized unit, and Lord willing it will come our way one day.

In the meantime we totally enjoy 'camping' in our local campground. He still works for now, as well. While I stay here with our babies (2 chihuahuas).. Lots of camper traffic here on weekends ... but most don't exit there units so rarely get to meet anyone.

I am so ready to travel, and hope it won't be too many more months until we can do just that.

You are welcome to contact me @

I have recently started a blog as well, and a FB page .. hoping to meet more and more like minded people.


God BLess and take care!

Be Safe

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