Going to buy my first rv and going crazy

Going to buy my first rv and going crazy

by Leda

I am not so naïve to expect a definitive answer but I have been searching for days for some sort of consumer report on Class C RVs... I know the floor layout I want but just about everybody makes it and I'm not so concerned about the little things. What I want is a fairly inexpensive RV (I'm retiring and not rich) that won't break down frequently. I will be full timing with 2 dogs and a cat and to have it in the shop would be MAJOR.

If anyone could point me to some sort of non biased rating of the dependability of various brands I will figuratively kiss your feet.

Then there's the question of Ford or Chevy and flat tow and dinghy. I accept that this is a matter of personal preference. Just don't know what my preference is.

I'm buying the RV in February so I have time but I just can't find the information I'm looking for.

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