Generator Won't Run-1997 Chinook

Generator Won't Run-1997 Chinook

by Bob
(San Jose, CA)

Our generator will start but only run for a few seconds. Our coach fuel gauge on the dashboard shows 1/2 full. How full does our gas tank have to be for the generator to run?



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Apr 23, 2011
by: Martyzee

Long story short....fuel pump needed replacing. It was in the gas tank...WT??? 92 Ford 28 ft Class C. After replacing the gas tank with the new fuel pump inside....$1200....the "mechanic" pinched the fuel line to the generator which caused the generator not to run...burned up the gen fuel pump and had to replace that...$200. Soooo check to see if your fuel line to the generator is pinched somewhere along its course.

Mar 13, 2011
by: happyharold

Normally the generator will run til your main tank is down to about a quarter of a tank. If your mechanically inclined, remove the gas line from generator and see if gas is getting to generator. Be prepared to re-install line immediately if gas is coming out. If gas is coming out fairly good, you have other problems, if no gas is coming out, you have a filter clog in line or gas gauge on motorhome is inaccurate. Just my opinion...

Hope this helps...

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