Gas or Diesel?

Gas or Diesel?

by Hector Rodriguez
(Savannah, GA USA)

This will be my very first time traveling and I don't know anything about RVing. Been thinking on traveling and want to do it for a year or two. Now that the kids are are of the house, we want to start doing a little traveling ourselves.

My questions:

1. Which one is better Gas or Diesel engine?

2. I saw in here a comment about a ready for four season or extreme weather RV. Aren't they all ready for all types of weather?

3. Washer and Dryer inside or just stop at a laundromat to do the dirty job?

4. Which brand or model are better for long traveling?

5. Any comments will be greatly appreciated.

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Feb 15, 2011
My comments for what they are worth.
by: Laurie

Gas or diesel will depend on as Harold says where about you are going. My preference is diesel. We have a one ton Dodge crew cab with Cummins and its a dualie so we have no issue towing our monster Prowler AX6 with 4 slides.

It is pretty well insulated, but if you are planning on staying in cold weather locations during the winter - check the R ratings on the coaches you are considering. There are is quite a bit of difference out there between rigs, so keep that in mind.

Washer and dryer - well, I would love to have one, but unless you are somewhere with full hookups to drain the washer and run that dryer...... in which case you may as well use one at a park or roadside laundromat - you can get more stuff into a commercial washer anyway in my opinion.

What brand would I recommend? Love Tetons, Carriage, Hitchhiker - all very sturdy and built to last fulltiming as far as I am concerned. Wish I had one of the three and hoping to one day soon.

I am sure some will disagree with me, but my disclaimer is that these comments along with about $5.00 will get you a Large Starbucks Latte!

Feb 14, 2011
My input,,, 2cents or Less
by: happy harold

re: diesel vs gas.. I have had gas, would like to try diesel, but my worries is, a lot of the little out of the way places I like don't carry diesel.

re: Built in laundry vs laundromat.. If you are planning on being in nice upgraded RV parks, you will probably not need them.

A good reliable RV dealer with references will guide you as to what best suit your needs. Of course he wants to sell you something, but he wants your business down the road too.

Just my thoughts,

Happy Harold fm Illinois.

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