Gas Cost and Water Cost

Gas Cost and Water Cost

What's the average mileage per gallon on class A RV and how is the water handled and its cost...We are just starting and are clueless...

Thanx, Skip & Nellie Cate Williams

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Dec 20, 2011
by: Anonymous

We have a whole house water filter for the water hose. Use the best filters. No troubles.

Feb 02, 2011
by: Kevin Downs

Fuel usage will depend on size of unit and your tow vehicle (TOAD). My Hurricane is 32' and my tow weighs around 3300 pounds. I average 7 to 8 mpg regardless of terrain since August of 2010.

I've talked to folks with larger diesel pushers who say they get about the same mileage however they have heavier rigs and larger tow vehicles.

Most units have fresh water holding tanks and I fill mine 2/3 full using a filter. It is only used on the road or during dry camping or when the temperature drops below freezing because my garden hose will freeze when connected to an outside source.

Hope this helps, good luck and have fun. Someday our paths will cross, see you then.

Jan 26, 2011
Mileage on RV.. MPG and Water Supply
by: harold

My class A got 9 to 11 mpg.,,, but if you are full time r.v'n, you will not be driving continuously, so if you have a tow vehicle, you will probably be driving it more than the motorhome. The water has a storage tank, and u fill it with tap water...and if water is avail, at RV set up, a hose will supply water direct. We used a large 5 gal thermos type cooler for the water for drinking and cooking.. but we had kids so we used more than most. I just never liked using the tank water for cooking, and bottled water was wasted with kids, but would work fine for us "not so young" persons. There are so many variables to this, that mine will not be the same as ur needs.

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