I will be retiring at 60 and plan to full time in a trailer. I have an honest question. I am interested (learning everyday) in boondocking the majority of my time. Will a 60 year old woman be able to handle black waste, water jugs, and other physical demands alone? I'm average size, average build, and would like to spend as much time at camp, rather than packing it all in to go to a dump station. I have not seen this question addressed and would be interested in any and all opinions or helpful advice.


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Apr 12, 2012
You'll Do Well.
by: Corinne

My pleasure, any time. :)

Apr 12, 2012
by: Anonymous

Thanks so much Corinne. I am certainly doing my homework and research. I am four years out but I obsessively surf the Internet every day. Thank you so much for your encouragement.

Apr 12, 2012
"Yes" you can. :)
by: Corinne

I'm 58 and have been researching this for months. I'm finally on the road, just recently in fact. But currently I'm staying in a fairly inexpensive and new RV Park in Arizona until I get to know my equipment - which is turning out to be a real blast. :) I've never met so many nice people, more than willing to help out and answer any questions you may have.

It is easier than you think to empty your waste tank, and your grey tank, which is shower and kitchen sink water. I have a 12 gallon portable waste tank on wheels that allows me to semi-empty my waste tank without having to hitch my trailer up and look for a dump site. They call them "blue boys" on line. Mine is grey! lol..

They also sell "water bladders" at Camping World, and even on line you can find them, that you can keep in the bed of your truck, or tow vehicle. You can fill them up with water, and they expand, vinyl, and then transfer the water from the water bladder to your trailer or RV without having to hitch it up and drive it in to town.

Actually, the hardest part about all of this is doing all the research. The rest is pretty simple turns out! lol :) I'm Loving this!

There are lots of women, and men, our age that are doing this full time. I sold my house and immediately felt a huge weight come off of my shoulders. I really look forward to getting my feet wet boon docking soon. I also have Solar Panels and a nice battery bank that will help out tremendously.

The best to you in your travels. "Happy Trailers." :)

Apr 10, 2012
Full-Timing Questions
by: Cowgirl Kathi


I don't have any answers for you, but will be watching your post for other responses. I, too, am planning to do "a year on the road" as soon as my little farm sells...and I will be your age next year!

If you want to share ideas and info, email me directly at kcbsmall@aol.com

Best of luck to you!

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