Fulltime RV Living - Road Schooling Your Children!

Fulltime RV Living - Road Schooling Your Children!

by R H James
(Texas, USA)

You do not have to wait until your children are out of the house or be retired, before you make the move to living full time in an RV. You can start living your dream, even if you have children that are school age, by home schooling them on the road.

Before you do make the decision, there are several things that you must do first. The first step is to find out about the legal requirements in your state or the state that you call home, even if you do not reside there. This is also known as your RV domicile.

This is where you will get your mail, where you will have your driver's license from, where you will get your car insurance, where you will register your vehicles, and pay your taxes. The state that you choose is the state you will use when finding out the legal requirements for home schooling.

After you have this taken care of, you need to figure out how you are going to set your RV up for a school. With such limited space, you should opt for a curriculum that has online programs or smaller workbooks.

You can check online because there are now several online schools for elementary grades and up. Make sure that you keep all your materials organized in totes or anything that you can find a storage space for. You can use TV trays as desks, because they are easy to set up and store away. You can also get lapboards so the children can do their work easier while you are on the road.

Now it is time to consider, just what materials and curriculum that you will use. Make sure that you choose one that you prefer and not what people say is the best. If you do not want all those books to find storage room for, you can opt to make the area you are in material, in which to teach the children about science, history, and geography.

Make sure that you are willing to adapt because being on the road gives you ample opportunities for new and exciting learning material. You can take the children on field trips to many of the historical attractions in the area, which you are visiting. This is great because instead of just reading about a certain part of history, the children may even have the opportunity to visit them

Even though you have a curriculum, it does not mean that you have to stick with it totally. Adapt to where you are traveling, but make sure that you follow the regulations

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