Fulltime and Loving It!

Fulltime and Loving It!

by Valerie

My traveling companion

My traveling companion

My husband and I began "fulltiming it" in September 2010. We visited Virginia, North Carolina and Western Maryland. We fell in love with this lifestyle. Unfortunately, Dave passed away this past June and I made the decision to stay in our RV. I have learned so much in very little time! And I have met many other single women "on the road". Someday I hope to get to Florida for the winter. I love my 1986 Minnie Winnie and I would not go back to living in a house or apartment for anything in this world! If anyone out there has any questions or if I can help anyone live their dream, please let me know.

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May 26, 2013
Sorry for you loss...Stay strong!
by: Traveling Ladies of America

We want to express our thoughts are with you.

Since I got injured little over three years ago. I have several injuries that are putting my body in extreme pain daily. I have fractures in my back, nerve damages, no feelings in my last three fingers on my hand, broken nose, and other injuries. I do wear a special back brace to support my fractures.

The only thing that has kept me going is our three kitty's! They are wonderful! I think they would enjoy the traveling.
And seeing all the birds, fresh air. And enjoying the non-stressful junk that comes with the city life. They deserve the best too! So why not? I also, still have my laughter! I love to make others laugh when they are feeling low in their life.

I have always enjoyed traveling. Never have had any problems driving the long miles. It is all worth the time spent, as you have a wonderful experience along the roads, weather, the views, many pictures and so on.

I myself am tired of the renting from slumlords. And high utility bills for crappy services, and all the other wasted funds one spends to live.

With two heart attacks last year, plus my accident of over three years ago. Why, rent again we are asking ourselves? Or buy a house that will later need repairs and become too costly.

We have been looking at a fifth wheel, and the 40' footer is sold separate. At a very good price.

We just want to hang up that snow shovel and not to be used again! We are currently in Michigan! Waiting for my case to be over so we can move on with our lives.

Do you think we should become full timers in an RV?

Jan 18, 2012
Miko's Answer
by: Valerie P.

Dear Miko: I knew that I would eventually be on my own since my husband was sick when we bought our RV. We chose a Class C for many reasons. But the main reason was - if I needed to get out of a location or a situation I would not have to leave my tow behind camper to get to the drivers seat. I think the Class C is the best choice for a single woman for RVing fulltime. Look at the websites like Women RV written by "women on the road". Go to your library and get RVing books. Take notes. Go to youtube and look at the RV videos. Look up local RV mechanics and talk to them and choose one that you like best. Make sure you get good roadside assistance. I have Good Sam. Finally, just use common sense. When I first got the RV I had to have my son in law drive it back to our hometown (Havre de Grace, MD) from Delaware because I was scared to drive it! Now I don't even own a car since I drive my Minnie everywhere. Please write to me anytime and I will help you anyway I can.

Jan 17, 2012
by: Miko

Sorry about your loss. Good for you, for keeping the dream going on your own. I am single and planning to retire to full time RVing, but have concerns about safety, being a woman alone on the road. What do you think? What do you do to ensure safety? You article was inspiring. Thanks.

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