Full timing with children

Full timing with children

Is it legal to full time with children? I had an officer threaten to turn me in to DPS if I slept one more night in my RV with my child.

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Sep 28, 2015
Be armed with information
by: Anonymous

I've been full-timing for almost a year now. I don't have young children, but in every RV park I have ever stayed in, there are people living there, and many do have children.

I assume you are not able to stay in an RV park...full-time, mobile living on the street can be hard, and it is only made more difficult by the fact that many people assume that someone living in an RV is 'homeless' (weird...an RV is a home, right?), consider them to be undesirable and keep trying to get rid of them.

Since the officer might be hassling you because of 'homelessness', I would check with a local shelter or advocacy group to understand what the law is regarding 'mobile children' in your area, and what criteria you have to meet to avoid being hassled about it.

Google around...there are lots of people blogging about full-time RVing, and about minimalist living (as in they have no RV, no house and pay no money to stay places)

God bless you and your child.

Apr 30, 2015
Home Schooling
by: Anthony

Not sure but they may have been concerned that the children are being schooled?

Check this page for details on RV Home Schooling:

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