Full Timers In for Service Repairs

Full Timers In for Service Repairs

If you are planning to be a "full timer" or you are a "full timer" know this. It will take repair facilities time to diagnosis problems with your unit. There is no magic computer that you hook up to find the answer. All systems vary and the majority of the time it can require a call to manufacturer usually the coach builder. Also, ordering or stocking parts. Do you seriously think dealers can stock every part for every unit. Note: most vendors are either under staffed or out of business. It takes time to order parts. So with the happy joys of this blog about RV life style. Give your repair facility a break. Stop being so unreasonable and in a hurry for service to go park somewhere else.

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Oct 20, 2014
I agree
by: Anonymous

I agree with the last comment. The pea picker probably should look for another line of work. Maybe something away from dealing with the public.
What do ya think.

Apr 15, 2012
Last Comment
by: Stacey

I dont have much to say, just doing research on full time rving but i wanted to tell the guy that made the last comment was funny n made me lol...ty

Feb 09, 2012
You Go Man
by: Sunny

It's no differnt then waiting for car parts they are not always available, or a good mechanic. It all depends on the situation. I think this person had a bad day. God Bless him. Or he ran into someone who was really in a hurry. If your a full-timer you know there is a waiting time for most things worth while in life. Happy trails.

Feb 05, 2012
And your point is?
by: Anonymous

What exactly is your point? I believe we full-timers know these things. We never expected a rose garden while out roaming around. Good grief man, we are all adults and able to surmise these things for ourselves.

You must work for one of the many repair shops across our great country. If so, bless your little ol' pea-picking heart.

I do so hope I never run into you in the future!

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