Full Time was not for us

Full Time was not for us

by Tammy

So we had a big idea to RV full time last year, It’s very true that it’s not for everybody to say the least . We had a great summer for the most but it was very hot in the camper even with the air conditioning running solid.

But we made it through the summer and was still OK , but then winter rolled around and it was horrible even though we insulated it and made sure it was already for the winter, we also bought the winter package with our camper and we still had a really hard time keeping it warm without running out of propane. We bought space heaters which did help some. But Our water froze three times and the black water froze which was a big mess! The heat tore up twice and mind you this is a brand new camper.

So needless to say we shut it down and got an apartment. We are now trying to sell our camper. Will never do this again😔 I really don’t think they’re meant to live in full-time.


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