Full Time RVing

Full Time RVing

by Alan
(San Diego)

My wife and I live in San Diego California, and in about a year plan to get a Motor home (36’) and go around the country for a year or two. Does anyone have any advise as to what kind of RV is best and what States are good and bad to stop in?


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Dec 20, 2011
by: Anonymous

There are pros and cons for every RV. If you don't travel much and plop down on a site for extended periods, 5th wheel. But driving a truck around town all the time is not very cost effective.

If you are like me and hop all over creation, motorhome towing a small car. I get 12+ MPG on the road, and 37 in the car. If you don't over buy, the cost of 5th wheel vs mid-size motorhome is pretty close. For me, driving a motor home is much easier.

I am on my 3rd motor home since 1995. Had a 23 ft C, 350 gas, a 1984, 9MPG overall. Loved it. It fit my needs. 2nd was a 25 ft A, 454 gas, 9MPG overall. Loved it. It fit my needs.

I researched #3 for over 3 years, as I approached retirement. Gas/diesel/long/longer/slides/yadda-yadda. Narrowed to 3: 40 pusher, 38 pusher, and (thank you technology) the Thor Serrano 31X FRED, 2011.

It fit my needs of long-distance travel, full-time, for the next 10-15 years. Ample space and storage, nice amenities, quiet ride, well-engineered suspension. The MaxxForce 7 is all it is advertized to be!

I tow a small Saturn. 10.7 avg MPG if mostly on long pulls. 12MPG overall, but have not had it on the flats yet. I'm good with this. The 40 pusher will come later on.

It is truly each to their own. Everyone that REALLY wants to RV can find what fits. In my case, patience was a helpful virtue.

Get out there folks. Have fun NOW! You'll be dead a long time.

Feb 02, 2011
Motor Home vs. Fifth Wheel
by: Kevin Downs

If you already own a HD truck (3500 diesel preferred) a fifth wheel is the best by far. They usually have several slides and offer the best floor plans for full time RVing.

Not wanting to spend $40,000+ on a truck, I opted for a Class A motor home. Mine is an entry level 32' home which is plenty of room for one or two people and dog or cat. And it is fully usable at any stop without exiting the vehicle which is a viable safety concern while on the road in unfamiliar territory.

I tow a Jeep Wrangler which offers 4x4, convertible and towing ease along with a back seat for occasional passengers. And it is easier to park and navigate in traffic than a large tow truck.

The number one criteria for your selection will be layout. You are going to live in the unit full time so it has to be livable! Remember in warmer climates you will spend much of your time outside and that can change much easier than the inside of your quarters.

Jan 01, 2011
Our retirement choice!!
by: Dick

Alan, I can relate to your situation. We retired in 1993 and we have approximately 14 years of RVing in retirement. Everyone looks at retirement differently. We had a 29ft Prowler when we retired in Florida. That was good for the first year. The next year we traded for a new 36FT Newmar Mountain Aire with one slideout. (I should have gotten the bedroom slideout also for the extra closet space across the front). We towed with a Ford Dually diesel. This was a great match.

We traveled to each continental State, staying at least 3 days, and each Canadian Province except North West Territories and Labrador, staying 3 days. We have had a fantastic time full-timing.

I have some blogs ready to post soon. Look for Blogs (joysofdickandjune) soon!

Dec 07, 2010
What to buy - Where to go ...
by: RVDigitalBoy

If you want a 36' RV you will want to look at "Class A" gas and diesel coaches. You will get more bang for your buck by purchasing a USED Class A coach.

My first coach was a 36' gas Class A. I bought my present coach in '03. It is a '98 Newmar Dutch Star Diesel at 38' long. Diesels cost more to maintain (mine takes 24 qts of oil) but the engines can last a million miles or more.

Diesels offer air brakes, air suspension and a more comfortable ride. Diesel pushers offer lots of basement storage.

So far, we've been to 27 states from ME to CA. I don't think there is a "bad" state to visit. You just have to abide by the rules of the road.

Visit sites like rvtrader.com to compare used prices. Visit woodalls.com and koa.com to view campgrounds.

Lew Mann
J.D. Sanders RV Center
Alachua, FL

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