Full Time RVing Rig

Full Time RVing Rig

by Tom

My wife and I are considering full time RVing. We would be using our RV to travel, not stay in one location. Any recommendations on what type of RV is best suited for this purpose? We have owned travel trailers, fifth wheels, and a class A, but have only used them for camping trips.

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Jan 22, 2013
by: Anonymous

Make sure you do your homework on the Airstreams....
I have read some of the new ones are having lots of trouble with the frames breaking on some models.

I enjoy www.airforums.com

Very informative.

Aug 16, 2012
Just saying...
by: Marsha

My experience over the last year...
Started out with a 26' Dutchman TT with 13' slide.
Sold it. and purchased 84 Southwind cause I thought would rather have motor home.

NOW.. am looking for possible 5er with appropriate pickup for hauling it.

Time will tell, all I can say atm is that I would love to have the Dutchman back... it had sooo much more storage space than the Southwind, even tho the SW is 34' in length, and has underbelly space... the Dutchman held way more 'stuff' ... go figure.

I agree with previous answer though... it is all personal preference, and what ya gonna be doing and where ya gonna be going.

Good Luck and God Bless... safe travels always.

Aug 15, 2012
Full Time RVing Rig
by: Cowgirl Kathi

You have posed the $10,000 question -- what kind of rig? I am currently researching what kind of rig I'm going to buy as soon as this farm sells so I can go on the road full-time.

It seems that it's almost a matter of personal preference (and your budget)as to what kind is best. I'm most likely going to buy a travel trailer -- NOT a 5th wheel -- because I am a lot more comfortable TOWING a trailer than driving a massive motorhome; plus, with a motorhome, you almost have to tow a car with you so you can run around in different locations without having to "break camp." NOTE: You cannot back up a motorhome with a car attached to the back.

The other thing to consider is this: IF your motorhome breaks down and has to go into the shop for repairs, you will have to bunk with friends or get a hotel. Not so with a travel trailer -- unless you happen to break down along a highway or something...but I haven't seen this too often.

Although I'm still doing my research, something else to consider is WHERE you want to go with your rig. If you are interested in camping in National Parks, be sure you are aware of the LENGTH & WIDTH restrictions on their roads and in their campsites. Also, there are lots of places in Colorado (and other mountainous states) with LENGTH RESTRICTIONS on some of the highways through the mountains. Trust me, there are some passes where I was intimidated just driving a small car!

Those 5th wheel trailers are pretty awesome, but they look kind of unstable and top-heavy to my eyes. My dad was a long-distance truck driver and he said "those are the ones that you see flipped over in high wind conditions." NOT fun, I'm sure.

Anyway, I hope this helped a bit. While I am not yet in a position to buy my "house on wheels" I am leaning toward an Airstream -- they are aerodynamic and have a long-standing reputation for being quality-made and the aluminum shell has great insulation properties and is less likely to develop a leaky roof than the flat-top trailers.

Good luck to you!
the Cowgirl

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