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Hello..well this is our story..my husband retired 2 years ago and I retired 4 months ago. We have always had a camper..actually have had 4 of them. We

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Finally Decided

My wife and I (George & Peggy) have made the decision to sell our home and all personal possessions and head out on the road. We closed on the house May

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3 Years free from the 9 to 5 grind

Sue and I live in New Zealand and moved into our house truck full time 3 years ago. We make our living from the New Zealand bush (forest) protecting rare

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Anyone want to recommend a pickup?

We are excited to become full time RVers! We have just purchased a 41 foot fifth wheel that has a loaded weight of around 16,000 lbs and a hitch weight

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New Genesis

10/29/2016 – Rovin’ Bones Today marks a New Genesis in my life. After more than 2 years of research, reading, planning, and dreaming I have accomplished

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Water pump location on 2001 National tradewinds rv

Where is the water pump location in a 2001 National Tradewinds 39 ft motorhome?

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Installing water filters: before or after freshwater holding tank?

I am getting ready to install a sediment filter and a carbon filter in my Dodge Falcon. Should I install them before or after the freshwater holding tank?

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No power

We just moved to a different campsite, we have Thor Ace Motorhome and plugged in to their electric and we have no power in the rv. What can we try ? We

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Can't get my hydraulic jacks down - 1999 National Dolphin 5350

I'm not sure why my jacks won't go down. Every time I push the button my interior lights go out.

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Weather noises in my fifth wheel anybody? Jayco Eagle 2011

So I'm a newbie full-time in a fifth wheel in Illinois. This is my first one in. Fifth wheel as well as first winter. I am in a campground and we are having

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Everything turning Black - Holiday Rambler

We live full time in our RV recently I noticed that most everything in my home is turning black. I don't smell anything like the propane. PLEASE some

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2000 Tradewinds 7373 300 turbo diesel stalls while driving

Thought we ran out of fuel until we filled the tank and same issue. While cruising at 60-65 mph the engine stalls. When I open the hatch, i have narrowed

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Early Decisions For A New Journey

My wife Kari and I have been considering a life on the road for a few years now, and we are creeping closer and closer to that becoming a reality. We've

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2000 Tradewinds diesel no wipers

2000 Tradewinds 37' diesel lost wipers, heater, ac, furnace, alarm, gen block heat map lights nearly all 12v accessories. Motor still starts and runs.

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Making valuables safe (Class C, full time again!)

Hi all! I've done full-time RVing before--even as a workcamper a couple of times (LOVE it!), but I've either never had any valuables, or kept valuables

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RV Tire Minders

Do you recommend the tire minder product? Do they get stolen?

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Broken water valve in shower - 2013 Monaco Diplomat

We just bought a 2013 Monaco Diplomat. Went on a shakedown trip and the shower would not turn to the cold water. We assume there is something wrong with

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Looking to get debt free

My wifey and I are looking to get out of debit. We are in the process of selling our house. We have bought a 27' travel trailer and have found an RV part

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Bank loan 2008 Cherokee

When I was shopping for a new rv the dealers told me the banks won't finance full time rvers anymore. Anyone else run into that problem? I understand

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Swivel the passenger seat 1999 Georgie Boy Class A Cruise Master

How does one swivel the passenger and driver seats 180 degree ? Where is the lever to be found ?

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