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2Liberty: RV There Yet?

We will begin our adventure as full timers and will be trying to live on $1,400 per month. Of course we hope to make some extra income while traveling,

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Newbie who would like your advice

We have taken our first step by renting a class b, 2 slides and 30 feet, I am completely ok with fulltime, my husband is not so sure so we decided to rent

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Our debate: Buy a motor home or a 5th wheel with a toybox?

My wife and I are looking strongly at the fulltime RV lifestyle. She's getting tired of her job in an office. I semi retired from the trucking industry.

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We have no idea what we're doing

My fiancee and I decided on a whim to buy an RV and travel the south east for the winter. We live in the Colorado mountains and both have great summer

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Bad Credit

My partner and I want to full time in a class a. There are some fantastic RVs for around 60-70k that are a couple years old. Problem is, our credit sucks.

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Everything turning Black, mold ? - Holiday Rambler

We live full time in our RV recently I noticed that most everything in my home is turning black. I don't smell anything like the propane. PLEASE some

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Terra Joy Begins. Ready to Launch. Genesis / Origin

My wife and I are a month a way with closing date set. Taking our 2 dogs Adam and Eden, brother and sister border collie and cattle dog mix along for an

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Internet question for fulltime rving medical coders

Hi all, I am considering becoming a full-time RV and plan for work remote as CDI RN, which is a nurse that audits physician documentation much like a

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Family of five starting out on a new adventure!

My wife and I have been watching youtube videos for quite some time. It started out with watching full time sailing videos and then went to full time

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and away we go .....

My hubs and I are both retired, and ready to take the plunge, RVing that is! So, we put the house on the market thinking we would have time to downsize

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Moving from Alaska to Ohio - Deciding to save $$ by RV'ing for a year

My husband and I are moving to Ohio from Alaska... which is quite a move. Nothing like moving from state to state. We've decided to buy an RV and live

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The best truck to pull a travel trailer?

Hi! My name is Savy (short for Savannah) and I’ve been thinking about full time Rving for quite a long time. I’ve planned through and through for downsizng,

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McMansion to an RV Living

Single dad, kids have all moved on and I’m living in this big McMasion I don’t need any more. I work as a contractor and so pretty stable in the area

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Full Time was not for us

So we had a big idea to RV full time last year, It’s very true that it’s not for everybody to say the least . We had a great summer for the most but

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Two Years Until Blast Off!!!

In two years I will be starting my adventure. I go back and forth trying to decide if I want to get a good used truck or SUV and pull a small travel trailer

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Full Time RVing with NomadItAgain

We are newbies full time RVing in our 19ft Riverside retro travel trailer! Recently started a travel blog about our bumps in the road, and also finding

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MaRich (Mari and Rich) living the dream

First stop after we bought it in Tuson AZ. It's a 2019 4270 Heartland Cyclone HD

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Hello..well this is our story..my husband retired 2 years ago and I retired 4 months ago. We have always had a camper..actually have had 4 of them. We

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Finally Decided

My wife and I (George & Peggy) have made the decision to sell our home and all personal possessions and head out on the road. We closed on the house May

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3 Years free from the 9 to 5 grind

Sue and I live in New Zealand and moved into our house truck full time 3 years ago. We make our living from the New Zealand bush (forest) protecting rare

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