Full Time RV Living

Do you have aspirations of selling the house, the stuff and hitting the open road for full time RV living? Many people dream of the freedom of the highway in their RV discovering new adventures and meeting new friends, but how do you make those dreams into a reality? It's much easier than you might think.

Your most difficult task may be to switch gears from a lifetime of accumulating and collecting things that you can't take with you as a full-time Rver into someone who spends only on necessities. Instead of renting space to store all the stuff; selling things is probably the best way to make some extra money, and avoid being anchored to your past to make your new dream a reality.

RV Cooking

You'd be surprised at how easy it is to part with all those things once you've started doing it. When we decided that full time RV living was for us we started going through all of the stuff we'd collected during the past 60 years we couldn't believe that we'd wasted so much money on so many things that don't really make us happy or contribute to our well being. Selling everything became an obsession with us. The money coming back to us and our dream getting closer fueled our excitement for the new life that was waiting for us.

We had collected movies and books for years and was amazed at the amount of money we had spent on these items. We sold a lot of them on Amazon Marketplace and made over $4000 back. Sticking that money into our future fund was so liberating. Now that we are Rving full time we rent all our movies at Red Box. Boy does it make us smile when we know we've only spent one dollar instead of fifteen or twenty dollars for a movie we will probably only watch once or twice. There is very little guilt when you don't like the movie but you've only spent a dollar to watch it. Of course EBay, and Craig's List were great tools for selling much of the larger items we owned. Setting aside all of the money felt great. Now we were collecting dollars instead of other stuff. People ask what did you do with all your stuff. We tell them we no longer own things, all we have is money! That usually makes them stop to think. Then we believe we see a slight hint of envy in their faces.

Of course there will be those irreplaceable items you will want to keep, but ask yourself "Do I really need this?" "When will I ever need it?" and you'll find yourself parting with a great deal of the stuff anchoring you to the ground. Take a look at our essentials page to find options for mail forwarding, RV insurance, RV financing along with lots of other helpful topics to get you started Rving.

Remember with proper planning and preparation you can be Rving full time and enjoying a wonderful yet simple lifestyle. You can read about others who are Rving full time here also. It's fun to see how others made the transition and what they love about the lifestyle. Best of luck and we hope to hear your Full Time RV Living story someday.