Full Time Questions

Full Time Questions

by Linda

1. My husb and I are doing our research on doing the full time RV thing to see the US. However many questions. I have concerns about the basics such as health care visits, dental, etc. Do most folks use a home base for a few months a year to take care of things like that?

2. We plan on selling our house so obviously need a place to call "home" in order to get mail, pay taxes, etc. Do you usually need a physical address and if you really do not have a "true home" except for the wheeled kind, how can you do that?

Hope these questions make sense! But this is a really big thing to do, so I certainly want to at least feel informed.

Thank you very much,


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Oct 08, 2010
Toilet While Boondocking
by: Mary

Valerie, if you're in a Walmart or Giant etc. parking lot, you can use their bathrooms. We keep a gallon jug of water under the bathroom sink for flushing and washing hands also antibacterial wipes come in handy for washing hands as well.

Aug 25, 2010
Full Time Questions
by: J. Alford

My husband and I went full time Oct 08. We use our daughter's home for our address, for tax, voting, and registration tags on vehicles. Most of our other correspondence is done via e-mail, banking, doctors bills, insurance billing, and payments made to these places. Use a relative that you know you will be visiting on and off and you can schedule annual doctor, dentist, eye visits as needed while there. Prescriptions can be sent to a variety of places including Walmart ,Rite Aid, Walgreens anywhere in the country for pick-up with just one phone call. There are also lots of mail forwarding companies. A lot of these questions/answers can be found in Full Time RV books out there. Good luck and use your dealership to answer any Questions that come up about your rig, they are very helpful.

Aug 21, 2010
Full Time RVing
by: Valerie

My husband and I are going "full time" this week. This is our first time and, yes, there are a lot of unanswered questions. We still are not sure how to get the toilet to work when we are "boondocking". Have you figured out this one yet? As for our mail, we are changing our address over to my daughter's address. Also Good Sam Club has a mail forwarding service. We got a lot of our information from library books. Do your homework and you'll be just fine! Good luck and happy wandering!

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