Full time living must haves

Full time living must haves

by Joanna
(Newton, NC, Catawba)

My husband and I are considering making the switch to full time RV living and I was hoping for some advice on must haves, space saving storage ideas, advice on questions to ask upfront about possible permanent sites, and so much more.

I have many questions and seem to have more added by the day.

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Nov 15, 2021
Must have for full time.
by: George & Peggy

Number One issue is to decide what region your going to full time (cold weather vs hot weather) with regards to camper insulation etc. We have been full time over four years at present (Northern Florida temperature range of four seasons).

Storage is always at a premium, after a few years you will know what you do not need. My wife is a very good cook so we have a pantry and a lot of cooking equipment to store (some of which is in the hold of our fifth wheel). I do a lot of my own maintenance on the water system, electrical, sanitary etc. so I have a reasonable amount of tools in the hold.

Once your are set up and have a year of full time your needs will sort out. I have reworked several systems, such as the air supply for heating (factory layout extremely poor supply) and added ball valves on the water supply system. We have a sunshade at our full time site and have installed underground electric to power a small refrigerator, freezer, lighting etc.

Also we have a small washing machine that sits outside (with cover) and have a umbrella type drying rack for our laundry. Hopefully this helps in making a decision (we have a fantastic campground and a camping family) we work camp so we are rent and electric free + additional amenities.

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