Full Time in August

Full Time in August

by Mike
(Olympia, WA)

I have been retired since a stroke in June 2005. I am 8 years older than my wife. I have been harping for years for her to retire. Well we both have some medical issues but decided to go full time rving as we both are not getting younger. Since we really enjoyed NC we decided to move from WA state and live near her half sister in NC. We are losing our home due to owe more than it is now worth, so we decided it's time to do our thing. Our truck and trailer are paid off and we are so anxious to move. She is having a hard time with parting with stuff so everything will go into storage in NC and we will see what will happen. Her cousin has been a fulltimer for 8 years and they really love it.

Our challenge, we will be taking 2 dogs and 2 cats with us. I have built 2 cat posts for the cats and a new satellite system for our RV, which costs us $30 less a month than now. Wish us luck, we leave Aug 1st for the East Coast. Watch out for this Damn Yankee.

Mike in Olympia, WA

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Jun 29, 2012
Wishing You the Best
by: Marsha and Joe

Mike, praying for you (and Happy Harold) Joe and I went full-time last Oct. and we have certainly cut living costs tremendously, Still have issues since all we could handle was a used 85 Southwind, but is now home. Parked in local campground in Lumberton NC, if you end up near us plese do look us up... not expecting to be able to leave for quite a few more months. Joe is still working while we attempt to get a few more dollars stashed back for whatever may come our way. Seems to never come out in real life like it does when ya put pen to paper, but we will continue to hack away at it and pray for the best.

I'll tell you wife this much, as for me once all the STUFF was removed from my day to day ... it is so much easier cleaning and cooking, I actually love it... only thing is hope our next rig has a washer dryer, that is the ONE thing I truly miss, cause I love keeping my laundry up to date on a day to day basis..lol, just me.

Anyway, best wishes hope to see ya down our way,

Marsha & Joe

Jun 28, 2012
full time in august
by: happy harold

wish u best of times,,, been trying to tell my wife same thing for last 5 years,,, now i can't seem to sell house. so we may be joining u in similar situation soon. the prob i have, is i sold trailer, truck and everything i could to make it, and seem to be no better off. the house expenses is eating up our income (taxes, payments, insurance, utilities, upkeep etc.).. i know we can live cheaper in an r.v. and we have plenty of places to stay with hook ups locally and across the country. not crying on your shoulder, just saying it like it is. but in mean time, if you happen to come thru Illinois on rt 136, you will have a free hook up here as long as we have the house, (in Potomac). and by doing so, you will save a few nights camping fees, and maybe my wife will see that it is feasible, if she talks to you folks. everyone in town knows happy harold...lol
safe and enjoyable travels to you.

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