Frugal Retirement not expect a lot of encouragement

Frugal Retirement not expect a lot of encouragement

by Gary

"Highly stressed in the Caribbean"

When you announce to your friends, coworkers, and family that you are going to retire to a frugal lifestyle, don't expect any encouragement.

When we retired to a sailboat 15 years ago (later to a RV) we were told we were giving up too much and would not be happy. "You'll be sorry"...we heard more than once.

15 years later we are still retired and the naysayers are still working.

Why is this the first reaction of many when you say you are going to retire and retire frugally?

Jealousy comes to mind. Also the way most people try to keep up appearances means credit card debt, the number one no no for frugal retirement living, and unnecessary consumption.

They can't retire because of the poor choices they have made, why should you. This is sad but true.

So when you announce you are going on the road not expect a lot of..."Oh boy that's great"...or "That sounds wonderful".

Remember Nike has it right...JUST DO IT.

See you on the road.

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May 07, 2013
Very smart
by: Anonymous

I hope all of your dreams have come true. I know what you feel like -- nay-sayers. I am very ill, and trying for disability; as of this morning I have negative 17.00 in my account. Dr's and Lawyers have everything else. I am on temp disability and their accounting is screwed up. I am stuck in the rat race and very unhappy. We have a mortgage on nice land but it is not worth the amount we paid -- we were trying to lower our cost of living and moving out into the "sticks". But the unexpected happened -- my health -- message to all.

There always may be the unexpected -- plan for it. If I mentioned to my family I wanted to try to get a used RV now and live in it they'd call me crazy. All I want is to be happy. To have a soft bed and no one chasing me down; maybe someone caring for me. Again -- you are very lucky. You made the correct choice. Now you and your loved one are happy! The others are just trapped in the rat race. Don't listen to them -- feel sorry for them. I hope it is a sunny day where ever you are sailing or RV-ing today. M

Dec 06, 2010
Retiring Young
by: Rick

You have the right idea!.. after retiring from a govt career I was still a young 46, but learned after 5 years in the corporate life that living the stick house dream was keeping me in debt, and why did I start working at 17 if I cant retire until I'm 70 and can't backpack, hike, rockclimb etc anymore. I cut a budget and by the end of the month I will be out of my stick house on the road, Frugal Living!. Good for you, and your right, just do it!

Oct 29, 2010

After retiring and full-timing for a year, we went back to our hometown of over 25 years for a visit. We realized most of our friends were former co-workers and we didn't have much in common with them any longer. Email and Facebook work for those few people you want to stay in touch with.

We don't have children and very few relatives; none in our former hometown. Now we are meeting people everywhere we go with lots in common with us. Life is just a trip!!

Nov 11, 2009
Frugal Retirement Living
by: Don

Looks like you got the right idea about how to enjoy life!

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