Found Along the Way

Found Along the Way

by Charles Walker
(en route)

A year ago we had a shop in a bulging metropolis. Two years ago my wife gave birth to our first son. And soon there after we found out we had a baby girl on the way as well.

Our desires of having a loft in the city began to give way to dreams of playing in barns and building windmills on a farm in the country. We tested it out a little by renting a farm for an extended vacation. We loved it! The only problem was that we could not imagine ourselves living in that town forever. Actually, I'm not even sure if I could've made it more than three months. So, we decided to spend a couple of months traveling on weekends to a few different towns and although we found many places that had aspects we liked we didn't find anything that felt like it should be our home.

However we did like the travel part so we packed up our bags, "There is a whole world of adventure out there, our kids are not in school, lets try hitting the road in serch of a place to call home." we said to each other.

We were not on the road for long before we realized this open ended journey; A: might take a little while, B: could be very costlty staying in hotels and eating at restaurants. So my wife suggested getting a travel trailer. She had fond memories of her family traveling in one as a kid....hotel costs would go away, we could cook fresh healthy meals for ourselves and we would be able stop whenever we needed to let the kids take their naps.

I have always been a vintage car lover so I was immediately drawn to the heritage and design of Airstream. We did a little research and then signed up for an Ebay account. Letting our son decide, we purchased a '69 Safari. It needs many updates but we will be doing them along the way.

As a way to connect with family, friends,and other RV'ers while on the road we started a blog that we would love for you to be a part of. It's titled "Found Along the Way" I invite you to view a sample post

We always welcome comments as well as suggestions of places to consider for home.

See you en route,
Charles Walker

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Oct 27, 2010
Your Family Rocks!!!
by: Anonymous

What do you pull it with? We are looking to do the same thing with our 10 month old baby!! :))

Aug 02, 2009
Nice Photo
by: April

Bet you are making a lot of memories on the road with your family.

I love the photo of your home.

Jun 18, 2009
Great Story!
by: Anonymous

What a fantastic adventure for your family! I am sure they will have tons of happy memories of their childhood in that shiny home on wheels.

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