Ford V-10 Versus the Competition

Ford V-10 Versus the Competition

by Tommy Thomas
(San Antonio, Texas)

I am looking to purchase a Class C but have been told to stay away from the Ford. Any suggestions?

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Dec 02, 2013
2014 Chevy
by: Anonymous

I had the same question, Ford vs Chevy. I had never owned a Chevy, but bought the 4500 Class C.

It has the 6.0 with Allison 6 speed auto, could not be happier.

Hope this helps.

Aug 16, 2011
Must Be a Dodge/Chevy - Lover that Told You This
by: Richard

Don't listen to just a couple people. They are Ford haters or Chevy/Dodge lovers. I noticed that anyone, no matter where their loyalty is, be it Ford, Dodge or Chevy, lots of times they stick to one particular make because their daddy did. Or because they've never even driven the other trucks. Some dumb reasoning such as that.

I've had all. Each is good in it's own way. Some say the GM transmission is the best. Others say that Ford is tougher and outlasts the others.

I drive a Ford F350 diesel and I love it. It pulls what I want it to pull.

The V-10 in a Ford rivals the other "big two."

In the end it's just what details about each make lights their fire.
Good luck and stay open minded. Pick the truck you like the best and go with it.

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