First time snowbird...Motorhome

First time snowbird...Motorhome

by Jack Burke
(DeKalb, Illinois)

I have owned a motorhome for many years, but always traveled. This year we are going to Texas to beat Northern Illinois Winters. If had wanted Winter, Wisconsin is just across the line.

This has brought up a couple of questions that we have never thought about before.
So, I arrive at our RV park and hook up and settle in for four months.
Do I start the engine once in a while? It would seem that we should.
Do I take the MH out for a spin around the park? I can't say that I've ever seen seasonal residents driving about. Their campsites look almost permanent. I understand TT and 5th wheels just sitting, but do the big diesel pushers sit idle for that length of time?

We have a gas Thor Hurricane on a Ford chassis. It will be a pain to unhook just to take it to town and back for the engine and drive chain to exercise.
And those covers I see over MH tires/wheels, are they necessary?
The batteries, once I'm plugged in, do they just sit there and charge for four months? Am I cooking my batteries.
All these years with MH's , first C's now an A, and we were always moving all across the US and Canada.
Now we're going to sit for four months, and I'm not sure we know how to do it.

Thank you'
Jack Burke

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