First Camper

First Camper

by Harold
(Potomac, IL)

Circa 1981, I borrowed a pop up camper that was in terrible shape..

Gonna take a trip to California. Just me, the wife, 8 kids and 2 foster The camper had fiberglass roofing instead of normal canvas on sides, dumbest looking thing you can imagine... but it sufficed. Kids loved mac and cheese, every meal time we pulled into roadside rest, pop the top just enough to get Coleman stove, and makins for mac and cheese. We camped in a farmers pasture in no. Utah. He ran extension cords to us for power. We traveled and camped and sightseen...At the time, we were on top of the world.

When we camped, my wife would take the kids in the 15 passenger van and go sightseeing, I would stay with camper as there was no way to secure it, even tho there was no one would even look at this thing and think of taking anything, in hindsight. We saw Mt Rushmore, Yellowstone, to Whidbey Island, Washington. Everybody we went to visit seemed to be on vacation themselves. in-laws on Whidbey Island were in California so we camped out in their yard til their return. Then went trout fishing in northern California. Then to brothers house near Clear Lake. They were on vacation to so. Cal. So we camped out in local camp ground til their return. Then on to southern, Calif. Kids and mom went to Disneyland with her relatives... Then to Grand Canyon, via Hoover dam. Then to Tombstone, AZ. to Carlsbad Caverns, and many sights in between. My kids still laugh as we talk about the trip...Even the foster kids are still in touch with us and they talk of our "red neck trip". Would do it again tomorrow -- in a heart beat.


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