Finally Found Happiness

Finally Found Happiness

by Ronnie

Hello Rvers,

This is a new world for me and I am not quite sure how it is going to fall in place but I am going forward with it. About 7 months ago, I recently relocated to Washington and a transferred with my job... for the 4th time in 2 years. And though I have lived in several states but never seemed to find happiness, I have been in and out the hotels for the last 3years
which is very costly and boring and I did not want an apartment, nor did I want the commitment of a house. My kids are all grown and I have been divorced for 5 years. So one day I was looking and the amounts I was paying to the hotels and said that is a down payment on something! Not to mention I am tired of sticking the keycard in the door wondering if it will work. Well anyway I had met a friend out here and she took me to her home ...OMG, so beautiful it was a home outside on wheels wow. She replied it is a fifth wheel! I looked with confusion on my face...and repeated a fifth what?

Surely it did not look like it had 5 wheels, but ok if you say so. The craftsmanship and granite, stainless steel and the real comfortable of home brought tears to my eyes and I then realized that home really is where the heart is, and my heart was there. It was so like home to me in Georgia, I feel in love. Within in a few weeks, I was on the internet, at the library, calling truck companies etc. What ever it took for me to learn about this 5th wheel, I even drove 12hrs round trip just to view one. I explored Montana, Alpine, Carrie-Lite, and all were very nice and then I meet the Mobile Suites...Wow, What a beautiful home sitting on 4 wheels and weighing about 20,000 lbs still not five wheels only 4 and I still don't know why they call it a 5th wheel. That was about 3 months ago. The knowledge and the news terms and the Ram 3500 truck that I will need to buy is so exciting I can hardly sleep. I am even writing on a web site, to people I don't even know just to share my happiness and to let someone out there know that ALL, not some but ALL things are possible, although mine is still in the makings...That's right, I bought a 43 foot ( Atlanta Elite Suite) custom made just for me, and to always remind me that Atlanta Georgia will always be on my mind. But in doing all of this it made me realize that I now have the freedom to go where, I please, when I please and that limitations are set by us and not by circumstances or other people so enjoy. So in closing, the moral of my story is that I always had the freedom to be happy, I just had to find it and build/see the value and believe in what I was doing and that it was possible to bring it to life.

In about 3 months after my home is completed, and in the near future I will be come a full time Rver...on the road. (So look for me with my suite on the road happy and smiling) and on the side of my house it will say "RONNIE...WITH GEORGIA ALWAYS ON MY MIND".


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Jun 17, 2011
Enjoy it
by: buckeye6977

Ronnie, we have owned our 5th wheel for two years now and are just now getting ready to become fulltimers. One thing you have to be very, very careful about is the low hanging tree branches. I found out the hard way they don't move to easily. Also have a spotter when backing-up. Again found out the hard way.Your back-end sticks way out beyond your wheels. Just be careful and enjoy your new home and lifestyle. We have a 37ft Cedar Creek with 3 slides. On the back we had put "Livin R Dream". Hope to see you out there somewhere.

Jun 17, 2011
by: Ronnie

Thank You, I will look you up ...


Jun 17, 2011
Full-timers for over 4 years.
by: Ricky and Linda

I know you will enjoy your new life, we have. Be careful pulling your new camper, it does drag in a bunch, when turning corners. The back-end will swing further around more than you would think. We have a 36" Montana 5th wheel, the hook-up is the 5th wheel, because it turns when you turn. Over the years I have put a few dings in mine. The last one was from a tire blowing out, and damaged the underside and outside of our camper. It has been in the shop for over 2 weeks now getting all the dings fixed. If you are on Facebook I can be found under ricky.d.duncan I can give you some good places to visit and must see things we have seen on our journey.

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