Family of five starting out on a new adventure!

Family of five starting out on a new adventure!

by Shawn
(Navarre, Florida, USA)

My wife and I have been watching youtube videos for quite some time. It started out with watching full time sailing videos and then went to full time rv'ing videos. We both have a professional degree and have professional careers.

She is a Hospice Nurse and is very passionate about what she does. I, however, am not at all happy in my career. I work in civil service for the government and sit in a small cubicle with no windows staring at two computer screens.

We have recently decided to go full time rv'ing and bought a new Heartland Cyclone 5th wheel and an F-350 dually to pull it. We are in the process of moving into the RV, putting our home on Airbnb as a vacation rental and heading out.

She will be a Hospice Travel Nurse and we have an online business that I'm looking forward to having the time to put toward it.
We will be home schooling our kids and enjoying our lives together with less stuff and more adventure and time together!

If you have any words of wisdom or advice for us as we start out please feel free to share!

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