Empty Nesters sell it ALL to live on the road full time!

Empty Nesters sell it ALL to live on the road full time!

by Heather and Chris
(on the road)

How the PLAN originated - I would have to say that when we first started dating our love for RV traveling began. Chris' grandparents owned one and we used to take it out to concerts with our friends or long weekend trips to Orlando.

While in college most of our friends were doing the college party thing. Chris and I would RV on the weekends and hang out playing bingo at the parks (Old souls I guess). We did still have the other side of us that liked to dress up, have a nice dinner and go to the theatre.

We always talked about when we were older we would travel the states, we just didn't know that time would fly by so quickly.

Before we got married, we had some extremely good sound financial advice from parents and grandparents which we actually listened too. They told us never to live beyond our means, if we didn't have the cash to buy it, then DONT and always put money away like you never saw it. Combined income of 35k our first year of marriage, we still managed to save 10k for a down payment on our first house. This was not easy and took a lot of scrimping but we always managed to still have fun.

We continued to work really hard and make wise financial decisions because we had a plan. The plan has always been to work hard, rise up the corporate ladder, raise our children, have all the material things we could afford and then retire early. Plan, Plan, Plan but also we learned to trust God along the way to accept HIS plan when ours did not go as expected.

I had a great Job as a Hairstylist that helped me stay home a lot with our son. We ended up only being able to have one child and looking back we wouldn't have had it any other way. Chris has risen up the corporate ladder gaining great success and knowledge in business development and his hard work ethic has gained him much respect in his field.

We are past 40 and have not retired but about a year ago decided that we needed to start thinking about our PLAN. We were soon to be empty nesters as our son would be heading off to college in a year and it was time to figure out how we would soon Plan to not have a Plan! We were somewhat Yuppies (young urban professionals) and we wanted to be Gypsies, so we put it together and came up with YUPPSY!

That is what we call ourselves and we hope through our website to inspire other people out there to let go of all their STUFF and head out on the road. We will be taking you through videos of those who inspired us, how to let go of all your STUFF and then our fun places we will visit! Hope to see you follow us on our journey! We can't wait to meet other YUPPSY's on the road! Our Website is TheYuppsyLife.com or follow us on Facebook at facebook.com/theyuppsylife

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