Electrical Overload - 1996 Alfa See Ya 5th Wheel

Electrical Overload - 1996 Alfa See Ya 5th Wheel

by Michael Nichols
(Sumter SC)

For some reason the refrigerator and the a/c blower will not work at the same time.

When the fuse is in the blower stops working and the frige stays on and its just the opposite with fuse out?

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Aug 22, 2014
Just guessing
by: wil

Does your fiver have some of those big lights on the corners of the trailer near the roof line that are often referred to as "scare lights"? Some evening after dusk, try flipping those switches on and see what lights up.

However, it is possible the previous owner installed tank heaters and that is the front and rear being referred to on the switch panel.

If I were a betting man, I'd bet on the scare lights or other exterior lighting.

Good luck!

Aug 19, 2014
Question about Alfa 5th wheel
by: Anonymous

Curious if you could answer a few questions. I have a mid 90s Alfa see ya 5th wheel I got this year. On the wall in the kitchen is a panel that shows the status of the tanks, how full they are, when I press a switch.

Next to it is a switch that's says something like front/rear or something. What does that switch do?

Aug 17, 2014
by: wil

If there really is a screw-in buss type fuse for the system and it allows something to run with no fuse installed, GET THEE TO YOUR NEAREST RV REPAIR FACILITY OR ELECTRICIAN WHO UNDERSTANDS RV GROUNDING & BONDING OF NEUTRAL ISSUES.

An RV is NOT like a house in this regard. Someone who doesn't understand the way a true 110/220 50 amp feed works has badly screwed up your wiring somewhere from the main building panel to the appliances in your RV.

There. Ass covered. ;)

Aug 17, 2014
I'm Confused (intentional pun)
by: Wil

What fuse are you referring to?

In general, with a 30 amp feed to your unit, there shouldn't be an issue running both your refrigerator and air conditioner simultaneously.

So, something is wrong or you are mistaking a circuit breaker for a switch and turning off the supply to whatever the breaker feeds. It is also possible a previous owner changed the wiring because they were on a limited 15 or 20 amp feed and didn't like blowing circuit breakers.

Most RV refrigerators draw about 5,000 watts and older a/c's often draw (momentarily) 15-17 amps when starting. The microwave will potentially draw 1000 to 1500 watts when starting.

Add up everything else you might have on and you might be startled by how much juice you are using. Hence the either/or.

Mitigate by running the fridge on propane if you want to use air, microwave or other big draws (hair dryer, coffee pot, slow cooker or elec. Fry pan, etc.)

Good luck!

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