Driving classes for an RV

Driving classes for an RV

by Linda
(Eastern Washington State)

I am in Washington State. We need driving lessons for our Ram 3500 and 34 ft 5th wheel. We had a small but expensive booboo in the first 5 miles. He needs tips and I need to feel comfortable towing it, turning it and backing up. If y hubby were ill or broke an arm or leg, I need to know.

All the classes I have found are states away and were in big cities, we can't even get out of the country setting much less navigate a big busy city with the rig.

If we made it 1,000 miles or more to a class, we would probably figure it out by gosh and by golly but can't afford any more booboo's nor the inconvenience of the rig being at the shop for an indeterminable amt of time.

Any one know of any place in Eastern Washington State?

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Jun 13, 2016
Driving Lessons
by: Cowgirl Kathi

I'm not sure you need to drive any farther than a big, empty parking lot to learn to maneuver your rig. I spent years hauling horses in all sizes of trailers and the most important things I learned were in big, empty parking lots where you can set up plastic cones and practice backing up!

While I towed many trailers, none of them were the "gooseneck" variety (all bumper hitches) and the rules may vary, but generally the trailer follows the truck and more experienced folks told me that a 5th wheel is easier to maneuver because it is closer to the actual towing vehicle than a bumper hitch trailer.

Ask around your area. I'm sure there is someone who would be more than happy to teach you! Good luck with this. I just bought a 31' motorhome and am in the process of buying a small car and a tow dolly to pull it along behind me.

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