Done with the house!

Done with the house!

by Brian
(Omaha, Ne, USA)

My wife, 3 kids and I are over the house. It's hard to spend time together between work, then coming home to work on, around, and in the house. By the time we're done it's bedtime for kiddos. We love spending time together, especially outdoors. We go camping regularly, sometimes tent, others in smaller TT. We already own a superduty pickup.

We're looking at selling the house and getting a bunkhouse 5th wheel. We considered a smaller apartment, but feel a large camper would suit us better. The kid's already have bunkbeds, so live "with" each other, not separated into their own rooms. We looked around the house and most of the furniture is coming up on replacement anyway. The shed is all yard stuff. We havent used our basement for anything but storage for years. My only real hangup is some garage stuff, but I have a solution. I'll pickup a box trailer to outfit like a mobile shop with my toolboxes and such. Come moving time we'll just have our mini convoy. Plus, this still gives us full tools and workspace for any repairs.

The only time we'll have to move is when I get orders. I'm active duty, so that happens. If we choose to change the view, we wouldn't be locked into a mortgage or rental agreement. It's hard trying to sell a house and sort you stuff whenever you need to move anyway. At the current location our base has a great lake and campground with complete hookups (including sewer!) and longterm stays. Every base I've looked at has campgrounds, but there's always the option of the surrounding area.

The way we see it, after calculating all the detail costs, we'll have so much $$ left over even after purchasing the trailer. The biggest plus is having the time to spend with the family, and in the locations we vacation at anyway. Can you say more fishing, playing ball, and biking instead of gutters, siding and yardwork?

We're looking into rather large 5th wheels with multiple slide outs. The double bunkhouse slide outs, with large fridges and a master slide out are looking like the best option. We're already pairing down cloths and toys to the levels of space we'd have to work with.

Anyone else out there do this? There's lots or retirees out there, but what about families? Ideas, suggestions, warnings? List some things we may not be taking into account please. I'll let you know if we've planned for it. Thanks for reading and your comments!

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