Dometic RM3862 refrigerator - Newmar Kountry Star 1997

Dometic RM3862 refrigerator - Newmar Kountry Star 1997

by shano0059
(Katy,Texas presently)

Frig started beeping about third week of May, after I bought it used from a dealer, and had been in it for two weeks. Would behave for a while after resetting.

Now two months later, an hour ago I followed the instructions again to reset, but this time the panel lights stayed off. Still get the beeping. Need to know how to fix and about what the parts will cost.

Can not afford to replace unit, which is presently full, as my job has me traveling from town to town to work, but only pays up to $25.00 in mileage per job.

Usually only get two days of work each week, barely affording the propane and fuel crossing Texas.

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