Do you clean your carpet?

Do you clean your carpet?

by Lisa
(Iowa right now :))

We are full-timers and have been on the road for about a year. I am thinking it is time to clean our carpet. We don't have any spots just the normal grime. Has anyone used a home carpet cleaner in their RV? I am worried it will shorten the life or ruin the carpet. Any hints would be great!


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Aug 03, 2011
by: Lisa

Thank you for your comments and suggestions. I was able to clean our carpet with a Hoover Shampoo Machine and it turned out great! I looks so much better and I feel better about it :)

Jul 25, 2011
Carpet Cleaning
by: Charlene

We are in a 31 ft 5th wheel and I keep a regular size Hoover SteamVac in the bedroom closet. Because of it's configuration, it really doesn't take up space where the clothes hang.

I love this and I clean my carpets about once every two months. We travel with two big dogs and I like a clean carpet. This thing cleans up everything and you can use it on concrete and tile floors as well.

Trick is to vacuum really good first and not to use too much shampoo (I use about 1/2 of what it calls for). I also sometimes shampoo with just hot water. Oh yeah - you can use it on throw rugs too. I have my husband stand on one end.

Jul 23, 2011
Cleaning Carpet
by: Anonymous

I bought a Bissel Green Machine. It takes a little time but works very well. A friend had a roof leak stain. Green Machine cleaned it up and you could not see where the stain was.

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