by Katherine in Oregon
(Garibaldi, OR, USA)

I have been a full time Rv'er for 10 years now and would not change it for the world.....BUT

There is a major problem with RV Parks that seems to be growing by leaps and bounds. One starts this practice and now it seems as though "all owners" of RV Parks are adopting this Policy.

I own a 1993 Travel Trailer (Terry Resort)that is in excellent condition (to the point of being restored) and I a being rejected and refused by numerous RV parks around the country because my "rig" is over 10 years old. I also had one gentleman tell me that he would only take rigs that were 15 years old or newer.

I feel that this is total discrimination! How can the owners of these parks make that kind of Policy? I realize that these parks are "privately owned", but I feel that ALL RV'er's should find a way to have this practice stopped.

What's the difference between saying that I cannot stay in a park because my rig is 10 years old, or I'm a woman/man/black/white or Mexican?

Please tell me your thoughts on this aggravating subject.

For instance. I tried to find a 'full-time' RV Park in the Coos Bay, Oregon area and all parks are telling me that I cannot stay there because of my older rig.

I feel this is TOTALLY wrong?

How do you fell about this practice.

Is there something that we can do to stop this?

This is NOT right!

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Dec 10, 2011
by: Anonymous

I can see how you feel about discrimination of any kind. At any rate I can also see the other side of the coin. I remember back in Wyo. in 1962 my father had a trailer park on the outskirts of Cheyene. He was just as loving and giving man as you would ever meet. One day a band of gypsies showed up with about 20 kids, my father knew who and what they were but it didn't matter to him within 1 hour the laundry room was trashed and kids kept coming to the office and said they had lost a quarter in the pop machine he would go open the machine and next a free for all all the kids jumped in and cleaned out his pop machine while the moms held him. It would have been funny if I hadn't seen it myself. It all happened so fast. Well long story short my father wouldn't rent to gypsies after that. The main reason was he just didn't want that element around because it upset everybody around them, people felt they had to lock up everything and it brought down the whole neighborhood. Most people are fine but how do you know which ones aren't? With the internet people blog displeasure and run down all kinds of business so they just don't want to be boycotted for the wrong reasons. People are very opinionated. That's just the way life is. So are animals and birds, If you think not just put a new chicken in a hen house, or a white mouse with a bunch of brown mice. People fear what they don't understand, as well as others.

May 01, 2011
Older is Cheaper
by: Anonymous

To say the resorts are discriminating against your older unit is missing the whole point. One can purchase an older unkempt piece of junk and begin to live cheaply by camping out. The purpose of this restriction is to keep junk and riff-raff out of the nice places you want to stay in. If your rig looks great and is restored just tell them the age as of the year you restored it. I think you will find that they will bend. Another thing to watch for in such a practice is the SNOB factor and is usually associated with the uber-rich "campers" who are driven around in their million dollar rigs. They want no one around that would lower the value of their surroundings. If you are rejected outright without any consideration, just move on. The place wouldn't be fun to live in because the snobs would ignore you and make you feel uninvited. Let them have it.

Jun 14, 2010
by: Linda H

That is so WRONG! Do these people really think they're going to be able to get by with this???

We are getting ready to retire at the end of this month and are fortunate to have a newer motorhome, but before we had this one (a 2006) we had a 1995 Bounder, no slides, just a plain Jane in good condition MH.

I know one thing, being retired no matter what kind of rig you own, most of us retirees are on limited incomes. So we will not be paying $50 plus a night to stay in any park. And I imagine most others feel that way too.

Is there anywhere we can complain about this situation? I don't know if Good Sam, FMCA, or any of the others would help or not.

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