Debating RVing for Work

Debating RVing for Work


So here's what i got:

- Travel job moving every 3 months(anywhere in U.S)

- Myself, wife and two kids 4yrs and 3yrs

-50k for an RV (would like that to be half, but that's the highest I can go)

- Good car for driving around town

Here's the plan:

- Buy trailer type/5th wheel RV
- Rent truck every 3months to move trailer/5th wheel. (a lot of places let you rent one way)

- Have my family travel with me while I work

My worries:

- Never bought an RV (need only sleep 4 but would like as much room as possible due to the fact the kids probably won't always be able to play outside)

- Is this more affordable then renting extend stay hotels? (can figure out cost of the hotels not so easy figuring out the RV living)

- Is there an RV in this price range that fits my needs?

- Will my family go insane living this close together?

- Is the RV a business expense? (I will talk to a tax guy, but if anyone already has info would like to hear it)

- Might get jobs in larger cities is there campgrounds for RV's?

So any info or flaws in my plan would be great to hear about. If this works out well, probably spring for a bigger RV in future years.


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Jul 05, 2012
RV Prices
by: Norman

Hey brother, I'm preparing now to travel with my wife and if you look hard, I am finding brand new homes for around $46,000. Search under RV manufacturers. A lot of places are selling up to $10,000 discounts to move them. Interest rates are 5-5.25% some places will do a 15yr loan which gets your cost down to around $400 a month.

Good Luck!

Feb 18, 2012
Debating RVing for Work
by: Julia

To Happy Harold,

I like your comments and suggestions you gave to Debating RVing. Good advice.

Feb 18, 2012
debating RVing for work
by: happy harold

I would suggest buying a pull trailer/or fifth wheel and pull vehicle, and a small economy car. My reasoning is, your family will be "stranded" while you are working. They need a vehicle too.

re: RV parks near or in big city, ayup...they exist. Just pick a town you are interested in and Yahoo or Google or whatever RV park(s) in that area. My camper sleeps 10, but only going to be four of us when I sell my house. The extra bunks will be removed for kids to have more area or use the lower bunks for their storage. And ayup, you can find an RV used in good shape for way less then $50k.

Just my thoughts...

Happy Harold

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