Crazy Dude

Crazy Dude


Well, not really. I'm just imagining what the weekenders will think of me. I'm 58, and on my way. My ssi kicks in sometime in Nov 2014, my kids are grown and gone, sold my house, my wife is history, and I thought what the hell, I'm goin.

I had a Class A years ago, back before the kids, and loved it. By the way, we had kids in our 11th year, so they never knew about the rv, but I;m sure they would've loved it. We would take it to Chadwick Mo to ride the trails. Trouble is, everybody else loved it too. It always turned into a bunk party most wknds. I don't mind that, but I aint got no ridin buddies now!

So I'm off late this year, and I'm headin south. At lest til it gets warm. Then I may go north, or west, I don't know. I'll decide later. That's what it's all about Alfie, it my choice!

Anyway, just had to brag about to someone who knows.

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