Cowgirl with Itchy Feet

Cowgirl with Itchy Feet

by Kathi
(New Windsor, MD)

Tom & Me

Tom & Me

My fiance and I just completed a 16-day trip from Maryland to Florida in a 31' Winnebago Minnie generously loaned to us by my longest friends. We had a wonderful time and now I am really itching to fulfill the Number One item on my personal
Bucket List -- that being to get this little farm sold so I can HIT THE ROAD!

I divorced in 2007 following a long-term marriage. Thanks to my attorney, I was able to get this farm free and clear and for the longest time, I thought I would just stay here until I get too old to take care of it anymore. Well, I'm looking at my 59th birthday in a little over a month, and while I'm not too old, I'm just TIRED OF ALL THE WORK AND UPKEEP it requires. Despite the downturn in real estate sales, I'm looking to get out from under it. In the meantime, I am researching different types of RVs and travel trailers.

On our recent trip, we looked at every possible combination and class of RV and trailer...and I was FLOORED at the level of luxury (and prices) of those "big bus type" RVs. Heck, they are nicer than MY HOUSE...but I surely don't require anything that big or that luxurious.

Tom is a little less enamored of the idea of going full-time at this than I am, but we have agreed that if it's something I really want to do, he will find a small place close to where he works and come visit me when I get somewhere I like and plan to stick for awhile. He will also take care of my two cats. I plan to board my lovely Tennessee Walking Horse for a year; then if I decide to settle somewhere, I will have her moved out to wherever I am.

Any stories of how you got started and what you learned along the way would be particularly helpful to me. I have lots of questions and will continue reading here in order to glean as much information as possible.

Thanks in advance for your kind responses!
Cowgirl Kathi
New Windsor, MD

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Apr 02, 2016
April 2016 Update
by: Cowgirl Kathi

Well, it took me awhile (and some big life changes) to FINALLY be just about ready to hit the road in my very own RV! Sold the Maryland farm and ditched the fiance in April 2013 and relocated to southwest Florida. This is a fine place to spend the winter, but the rest of the year is just way too hot for me. Plus, I have never done well living in town and you just can't seem to get away from it here.

Last month I found and bought the perfect RV for myself and my two traveling felines, Lilac & Punkin. It's a barely used 2006 Winnebago Minnie just like the one I had borrowed a couple of years ago. I plan to hit the road and head north the end of the first week in May. Trying to sell most of my furniture so I don't have to pay to store it and trying to take this one day at a time.

Travel plans for this summer include the mid-Atlantic (to catch up with friends and family) and then to head out to Wyoming. I would like to come back down here next winter, but am finding that most of the RV resorts in this area are already booked solid! Put myself on the waiting list for one and am researching others nearby.

Wondering if anyone who reads this forum winters in Arizona. That would be another good possibility for me.

Feb 21, 2012
To Donna
by: Cowgirl Kathi

Thanks for sharing your story! My 7 acre farm is located in central Maryland. I originally listed in in June 2011 for $525k; am currently thinking of dropping the asking price just a bit, given the current market. But places like this are very hard to come by in this area -- and my place truly is MOVE-IN READY!for people AND HORSES! So many places say that, but then you look and wonder "Where is the barn?" and "Where is the fence?" LOL.

This link will take you to the virtual tour. I took a lot of the photos myself and I think you will appreciate the beauty of this spot. I have lived here 23 years...have had all the fun I think I can stand...and am anxious to hit the


Feb 21, 2012
Living the Dream (Come October!)
by: Donna

We too are leaving it all behind in order to live out our dream of traveling. We got bit by the bug a few years ago after we stayed at a local campground with one of our daughters and her family. We came home and bought a 30' Keystone Cougar 5th wheel and a truck to pull it! We kept it for one year before upgrading to our Winnebago Vectra (4 slides and 36' long) after purchasing it on Ebay. It is beautiful and we got a great deal!

After taking 2 years of short trips and learning the ins and outs of the motorhome we are heading out this October for an extended 7 month trip! We have decided to rent out our home to family because the housing market is so bad in New England. This will work for us and I won't have to part with everything we own all at once, but our goal is to let it all go eventually.

What is a little hard is leaving our 4 kids and 11 grandkids behind. We are very close and this is going to be troublesome. I plan on getting them all webcams for their computers before we leave so we can see each other daily!

Good luck with your plan! Keep us up to date! Where is your farm and how much are you asking for it?

Feb 21, 2012
We are doing IT
by: Marsha and Joe

My thoughts are just do it... life is too short, and should never end with regrets. Joe and I started our full-time adventure in October ' we are now 5 months in and are loving it.

We have begun in a 26' TT parked in our local campground due to the hubby still having a JOB...we are now searching locally and on for the perfect MOTOR HOME for us...once we find it (a used one) we are planning on hitting the 'happy trails' and exploring every mile of the US we possibly can.

Wish you well and by all means keep us all here at "Full TIme Rving' updated.

God Bless
Marsha and Joe

Feb 20, 2012
Cleaning House
by: Dee

We can clean ours in 10 minutes with a Dust Buster!!

Mike and Dee

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