Cowboy Roast Beef

Cowboy Roast Beef

by Doug
(Northern BC Canada)

Build a good size fire, preferably using hard wood or any wood that will result in lots of coals. Let the fire burn down to coals, you will need approximately 3 good shovels full. Dig a hole approximately 18 inches deep and large enough to accommodate the roast. Put a layer of hot coals in the bottom of the hole, place the roast seasoned and wrapped in 2 layers foil SHINY SIDE IN, in the hole on the coals. Fill the hole with hot coals and cover with earth. Cover with remaining coals and go for a walk, fishing or what ever. In about four hours your roast will be done. We have also done this with chicken, pork and vegetables. It comes out super tender. Don't be shy use lots of coals.


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